How did you chose your bariatric surgeon?

on 6/3/20 7:06 pm

I am new to all of this and am wondering how you made the decision to have weight loss surgery with the surgeon you did? What kind of questions should I be asking?

on 6/4/20 5:28 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I found out what programs were covered by my insurance, locally. It had to be a center of excellence, so limited options. I think many of the programs have over view sessions you can join in, although I would think they are virtual now.

From my perspective, getting a surgeon you trust, in a good program is important. As important is ensuring that your program offers the full spectrum of support - surgical, behavioral change, pre and post monitoring, etc. I know there are people that have been successful without all that, but I found it very useful for myself. My program had a 10 week behavioral change class, had to meet with a psychologist and a psychiatrist, during the change class, had to keep weekly food, emotion and exercise logs and review them with the RD and the psychologist, plus sessions before and after with the bariatric nurse. My insurance also had a 6 month monitor requirement, so the program dove tailed it all together.

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Janet P.
on 6/4/20 7:01 am

Came from a recommendation by my primary doctor.

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Hazem Elariny

on 6/4/20 10:36 am

I was referred by my insurance company. I did all of the requirements in order to get the referral. Check with your insurance company to see if bariatric surgery is a covered procedure and if so, you may have to follow some steps in order to be referred. If you are paying out of pocket, you can pretty much go where you want (obviously depending on your budget). My program offers nutrition, mental health, exercise and support (not just within the 1st year)... I am 12 years out from surgery and still seen by my surgeon

on 6/4/20 12:17 pm

I work for a health care system that also has an insurance division. We also have a great bariatric surgery program in our state. We have a 6 month program you have to go through that includes dietitians, psych, physical evals, labs, and an exercise specialist. Once we get green lit, we're given a list of surgeons and a synopsis of their career. I know others have preferences, I'm guessing most just through word of month. I figured if they're all working for our hospital system they have to be a good surgeon, so especially with everything that's going on now I went with the one with the soonest available opening.

White Dove
on 6/4/20 3:02 pm

I asked my primary care for a recommendation.

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on 6/5/20 12:33 am

Another wls doctor recommended my surgeon at a different hospital. It's one of the best assists I've recd in my lifetime.

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 6/7/20 8:27 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

Like PartlyPollyanna, my first step was finding out which programs were covered by my insurance. I narrowed that down based on proximity (I am 1.5 hours or more away from all my options). I went to a few welcome seminars (they pretty much all have them). My choice was very clear based on the group with the most well trained and experienced surgeons coupled with well-thought out before and after care.

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on 6/7/20 1:43 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

My insurance only covered clinics/hospitals that had the Center for Excellence designation, which meant I could only use one bariatric clinic in my particular town. Although I was fine with that given that there were four surgeons who practiced in that clinic. I went to an orientation session with each of them just to check them out (unfortunately, they don't have those anymore - they just have a video of the PA talking on the clinic's Web site). I found that helpful as I could see them all "in the flesh". The one I chose was the one I "clicked" with the most. Plus he's director of the clinic and has been doing bariatric surgeries longer than the other three. So...he was the one!

on 6/8/20 11:25 am

Hi it is the best thing I ever did for myself

I am 68 years old june 17 th 2020 will be a year from when I had my surgery. I have lost 80 lbs and went to a size 24w to a 10/12 I could lose more but I feel really good and am happy right now . I had a dr.

Tell me that I was to heavey for him to do knee sugurey on me he said I need to go to my primary Dr. And discuss my weight . I knew I gain weight but didnt think I was as big as I was ( just kept buying bigger clothes) she said my b m I was 43.4 and I should think about the surgery . Heart attack run in my family and my mom died at 52 my sister died 2 years ago at 68 so I really wanted to lose the weight . It is so hard on our body s to carry all that weight .joints, back, heart ect

I love love love I did it