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I was just given some fresh blueberries over the weekend and I think I'd like to make some muffins. I have never baked with whole wheat flour, but I'm thinking I'd like to try it with these muffins. I'm also going to be using Splenda instead of sugar and Greek yogurt instead of milk.

Anyone have any good recipes? I've found a a few online, but would love to hear from you guys! What kind of flour works best and when substituting whole wheat flour for regular flour do you use less or the same amount for what the recipe calls for? Like I said I'm new to baking with whole wheat flour so I need all the tips I can get! Also is there a better option to use other than the whole wheat? I never knew there were so many options with flour....like white whole wheat and also almond flour. Which is the best? Looking for the the best tasting, but also low carb!

Thanks in advance!

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You can get a gluten free baking blend, which is lower carb than WW (typically). I have a friend with celiac that makes almond flour Lemmon blueberry muffins - they are dense so she makes them smaller than the typical muffin.

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The general rule of thumb that I have seen is for 3/4 cup of whole wheat flour per cup of all purpose white flour, and bit more liquid as well - it's just something to play with. The gluten free flours can work well (work with their specific instructions or recipes) but are often more caloric the wheat flours, so may be a bit worse for your weight loss efforts (but if one is gluten intolerant like my wife, then you do what you need to do).

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I can't answer your question about using less of the same amount as I don't use white or whole wheat. I switched to Almond or Coconut when baking and that is rare. The only thing I bake is the keto brownies/cake when I want something sweet. I prefer the Almond to the Coconut or a mixture of both when it comes to taste. I have not tried any of the carbquick mixes but I have heard good things.

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WW recipe:

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I would just like to add for you or anyone else reading, I use the no-sugar added applesauce substitution for oil when I'm making things like muffins (from a box). If you haven't tried it, there's a relatively precise way to measure out how much applesauce you need and how much you need to reduce the liquid the recipe calls for. You can cut out so many calories with that substitution. I'm not saying my muffins are as good as they would have been with all the oil, but it's a damn good trade considering how many added fat calories I'm saving myself.