Getting enough Protein is so hard for me!

on 6/17/20 7:44 am

I don't eat meat at all and I haven't really found a protein powder or shake that I like. I started with the GNC Whey Protein but I really do not care for it. I have tried various protein shakes that I have found at Walmart and other stores and can tolerate them but I don't look forward to drinking them. I am wondering if any of you have protein recipes/shakes that you make or would suggest? Any advice would be appreciated.

on 6/17/20 3:40 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

I'm a vegan, and here are my primary sources of protein:

"hot chocolate" which I make with a spoon of protein powder, a spoon of cocoa, artificial sweetener to taste, and a splash of almond milk. Yummy! I have it 2-3 times a day, which really helps me meet my protein targets. If you drink coffee, try a little protein powder in it place of creamer.

veggie burgers


nuts and nut butters (in moderation because they are high-calorie)


protein bars ****asionally)

One of the best tips I got for protein powder was from my dietitian: If you don't like the taste, try using less. It really makes a difference, and if you like the resulting recipe, you'll probably drink it more often, so you end up getting about the same amount of protein.

Another tip I figured out myself: change the recipe frequently. That hot chocolate I mentioned? Sometimes I put a little ground flaxseed for a nutty taste (and to prevent constipation). Sometimes I add cinnamon or ginger. Sometimes I add a 1/4 teaspoon of nut butter. For some reason, varying the recipe keeps me from being overwhelmed by the taste of the protein powder.

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on 6/17/20 4:18 pm

I hate protein powders and shakes too. You may want to load up on fish, eggs, and nuts. You can also go with a neutral flavored power and make your own smoothie

on 6/19/20 10:50 am

I found Flex Flavors from Devotion Nutrition help a lot when I want to change the general flavor of something or want to enhance it in some way. they are sweetened with Stevia and I have used them for all sorts of things. I've added to cottage cheese, yogurt, shakes, homemade protein bark, used with baking and cooking too...

on 6/22/20 2:11 am

I drink the Fairlife Nutrition Plan shakes. They don't seem ideal for you, considering they are still an animal product, however as far as taste goes they are by far my favorite. I believe chocolate and vanilla both exist, though I tend to only see chocolate at Sam's when I go to buy protein shakes. Premier seems to be the standard, and at least they have a ton of flavors to try, but I have to admit after 8 months of protein shakes being a part of my life I feel pretty "meh" about them.

I'm trying to get more protein from non-animal sources myself, and it can be tough to do without getting a ton of extra calories I don't want. Tofu can be a really good option apparently, I need to start getting that for myself. I have some Kashi cereal that has a bit of protein in it, as well as a protein pancake box mix I like.

There does exist protein powder with no taste: for example, the Genepro brand. There is a bit of uproar online about the nutrition label, at how it sort of lies to you about the amount of protein that's in there. However, it's still something and it's flavorless so it can be sprinkled into a lot of different things without you noticing (I liked to mix it with organic applesauce with no added sugar).

on 6/22/20 11:12 am

When I came back to obesity help to get back on track to lose the regain I have I found this page n/articles/premier-protein-recipes and found a lot of recipes with the ready to drink shakes and their powder. I am sure you can make this with any ready to drink or powder you find appealing though.

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