Post-Op Question - cooking for family?

on 6/26/20 12:01 pm

Happy Friday Everyone! Quick question. What is it like cooking for your family post-op? Is it difficult/easy?

on 6/26/20 12:24 pm

Fairly easy... They eat whatever I cook...

If we are cooking burgers or something, I will swap a lettuce wrap for a bread option to meet my needs... but for the most part I include them in the kitchen and allow them to choose what we make as well and I can make adjustments to fit my needs.

The only time I choose to make 2 meals/proteins is if my husband/kids want fish and I just don't do that. So I will either have a salad or have leftovers

on 6/26/20 7:57 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

since my husband can't even manage making grilled cheese sandwiches, he basically has to eat whatever I cook. That makes things easy. I just give him more of whatever I'm eating - and then I'll usually give him a carb to go with it (rice or potato or bread)

White Dove
on 6/27/20 8:45 am

I cooked exactly the same, but I did not eat the rice, pasta, noodles, potatoes, or other carbs. I just had my plate of meal and a few vegetables and family had the same with their bread and carbs.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 7/2/20 4:30 pm

Since we both have poly cystic ovaries. i put daughter ( as a teen ) on same diet. she loved the liver patties( me for iron - 1 oz 2x a day, she liked them) . Prepare meats the same, except for bbq sauce.- I use little in way of sauces.and extra veggies for her. I did not have capacity for fruit or most veggies.

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