Taking Ownership

on 7/5/20 9:57 pm - FL

Since going work at home in March I have gained 17 pounds. I weighed myself this morning and have decided that I need to take ownership for this weight gain and turn things around. My goal is 230lbs and today I weighed in at 273lbs. My highest weight before surgery inwin 04/2011 was 430lbs. My lowest was 230lbs and I will get back there. I am very disappointed in my self since I had regain from 230lbs to 303lbs and in February 2019 I restarted my journey relearning to us my tool. I got to 257lbs and then I just stopped walking stopped drinking water and started snacking and no****ching my intake. But tomorrow I will restart again and will succeed I have to for my health

on 7/6/20 10:08 am


Why are you not beginning TODAY?.. What prevents this?

Go back to proper use of tool - space water away from meals and increase to prescribed level. Use your Protein counter.,( By now you should have one in your head...) and limit carbs..20--50- think of it as no more than 12 grams per meal for carbs, total carbs and 12-15 for a couple of snacks combined.. I use these for crackers with proteins. WRITE it down for visual reminder for constant recording... You can do this.! This is NOT a game, it is YOUR life and ability to function in a society that discriminates against the obese.

Back in mid 90's,I had an early WLS, no longer done included rny, with small bowel resection and removal of large portion of colon, removal of Gall Bladder, appendix. I understand where you are and have been there, not at those exact weigh- just in a regain... It does take a little longer to get back to where you want.... when you get there you MAY be able to keep going ...Many others have had this as well. You have the tool. We are with you to encourage you to do what YOU need to do... YOU are WORTH this effort. You can DO this!

on 7/6/20 2:17 pm

Thank you for this conversation about Carbs as I have had too many carbs around 100 daily and I guess that is why the weight hasn't budged although I have been keeping my calories at 1500 daily. I have to remember this immediately. Elk Whistle

on 7/6/20 2:50 pm

try replacing 2 carb servings( ADA sizes) with 2-3 oz meat. You should be able to reduce your carbs without hunger this way.. You may need to add it in as a snack in form of natural peanut butter or cheese.

My Surgeon did not stress calories,( He said counting calories had not worked for those needing wls in many years and if it did not work loose that system.- use something easier and effective..... but Protein,( my goal for a 5'5" woman frame size on border between small/medium) was 90 Grams and still is.Limits placed by Surgeon was 60.I do not tolerate that many consistently without gain.

If I wish to loose i boost my protein to 110. and drop carbs to 12 per meal. I omit the ones designated for snacks unless i have a blood sugar drop. I am back at goal once again. I have been hoovering within 10 lbs of orig goal for last several months.

.. I had a period of regain( 50 lbs) several years ago.. with very high stress situation.

on 7/6/20 3:07 pm

Yes, thank you for this information. I will look at the food from a protein and low carb option now. That is why so many WSL people saying more "protein and less carbs". I'll google some diets with low carbs for men and start a new chapter with this new pen that I have created for myself.

on 7/6/20 5:11 pm

Protein= meat,Variety is the key, alternate days for meats... avoid processed as much as possible...sandwich meats from deli are awesome...

I don't know how tall you are etc.. but your goal for protein should be above mine.. probably in the 120-140 gram a day..Roughly 18 oz of meat per day... that includes eggs... eggs have 6 grams for a medium egg. large have 7 grams... one ounce of meat has 7 grams... all meats. average is 7 grams... skin all poultry...and trim all visible fat..., chicken, turkey,...pork, chops, loin, bake, or brown and steam....season to taste..

..beef. Best grade ground chuck/steak you can afford....season to taste...all is permitted if prepared properly..easy on the sauces.. let the flavor of the meat talk to you..... For bacon place in dry skillet drain well...blot between paper towels, for additional fat reduction, for sausage... slice patties, place in small pot in water , simmer til done, remove from water and brown.. Most fat will be out of it. press between paper towels...

cheese... all kinds, yogurt, cottage cheese,, peanut butter ( get the natural one with oil on top.) it is not hydrogenated..

I have a problem do not tolerate milk, or any milk products, nuts and nut products. So eggs are my go -t item . i have 3 minimum every morning, with a 40 cal pc of toast. coffee, w/ lactose free milk. maybe bacon, maybe sausage. sometimes takes me an hour or so to eat it all, but get it all down. as breakfast or snack.. getting heavy protein breakfast will help with any cravings...I have a severe reactive hypoglycemia.. my treatment for that is 1/2 cup f lactose free milk and 1/2 serving of bread.. maybe with cinnamon...

If you tolerate them and is not contraindicated from a health condition consider as many raw green vegetables,cucumber, yellow and zucchini squash.. peppers, tomatoes, string beans as you can... (you did not say if you had had surgery..- i did not catch that on post..) Hope this saves you a lot of research... immediately to get you started... then do the research.. sauces and salad dressings are not your friend... Mustard is!... take care . You can do this...!

on 7/6/20 5:27 pm

Thank you for this information. I just had the surgery in October 2019. I'm 5'7" male weight was 215 lbs "pre-sleeve" then I went to 196 lbs post until December 2019. But with the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that I was still counting calories and not intensely exercising I weigh about 200 lbs. I'm trying to get as low (weight wise) as possible about 170/180 pounds. But now I realize that I have been using the calories still and I never looked at the connection between the proteins and the carbs connection. But I am now thanks to this discussion. I know that I have the tools to be healthier and to keep my carbs between 20 - 50 maximum per day and my protein about 120 - 140 grams daily. I just have to figure out the foods and amounts to eat now. I will use what you wrote as a reference too.

on 7/9/20 9:49 am - FL

Denise thank you so much for your words of encouragement.sometimes it takes a third party to remind us of the things that we already know. You're absolutely right I need to do this for me. I am on day 4 started walking drinking water eating right, counting carbs, and logging my food on MyFitnessPal. Feeling pretty good about this but as we all know this is not an easy journey. my daughter has decided to take this journey with me which truly makes it a lot easier since we're spending so much time together since working from home.

on 7/9/20 6:15 pm


If overcoming MO was easy- there would not be any... No one would be overweight.. Everyone would be their ideal size.

I am glad you have a partner, it does make it easier..I I have fought this battle for a long time, If someone is 300 lbs and their blood sugar drops- they still must eat to get it up... there is no other fix...My highest weight was 292.5, i am currently in the sweet spot within 10 lbs of my orig. goal..of 160... have been there recently but had an injury.so spent much of 3 months on a heating pad.... For many years ,i had my Mom..( went to her reward 5 years ago)..she had the same surgery i had 6months prior...it was strange how we had the same surgery, yet had different intolerances. we were our own support system ..She was adamant-the surgery extended her life by many years... she lost from 314 to 145., much of it was in the first 18 months.. She had to get off of night shift to break her stress level enough she could loose the rest..

Just be aware to also do stress reduction things... on a routine basis, especially since your work routine has changed. I have found Essential oils very helpful,run in a diffuser... lavender oil esp... and if i get poison ivy it works for that too.!

I need to be able to see the correlation of my blood sugars over several days... in addition to a day to day..that is one reason why i recommend ... a paper and ink pen... I helps me make the evaluations at a glance..

This is how i have narrowed down to intolerances, ie..the amount of carbs I tolerate without blood sugar issues....keeping a tight diet journal.. side by side with the fluids, and any new foods introduced..I have found i can not eat nuts/ most legumes/ milk products/soy/whey-or-any part of it .....I love summer squash and zucchini...they do not like me..,The elimination diet with a tight diary is how found what caused my problem as many as 3 days later. . Just my take..

Another tip is to be sure and get heavy protein in morning.

I try for 1/3-1/2 total protein breakfast.( 5 servings if i can get it in..)It stops me from getting cravings.... 2 servings for a snack w/no more than 1 serv. carb. 1/3 total protein lunch(usually it is late,.around 1:30. and another 2-4 for supper/ w very light carbs.. or carb sometimes save for the last minute supplements i take.. I take no prescription meds. all my supplements are OTC.

You can do this... hang in there!

on 7/7/20 12:00 pm

Hi Marilyn 101,

It is 2 tomorows later.. How are you doing..? carb cravings? B-12 sublingual will help for some people.... it is the first 3 days that are the hardest... Hang in there You can do this.!

Do you like Lemon, Lime or orange.?. a slice of either will help give you a little something special instead of plain water..

Morning protein help set me up for the remainder of the day... a full meal of mostly protein... this morning i had 3 scrambled eggs and 2 short pcs of lean bacon with a hlf pc of toast( 40 cal pc.) coffee with lactose free milk... find when i snack , or just have toast in morning, am hungry most of day.. I have a terrible blood sugar drop if not extremely careful... and with a low sugar One MUSt eat to get it up..