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I am very confused, the calcium provided on Vitafusion is Phospate, is that safe or good for gastric bypass, I have been taking it and is until now I realized I probably have been taking the wrong one specially because my joints have been painful lately.

any input will be appreciated.


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Calcium Citrate is the best absorbed and it does not require stomach acid to break down. There is nothing wrong with Calcium Phosphate except it is harder to absorb (needs stomach acid) and it contributes to kidney stone development.

You need a balance of Calcuim Citrate, Magnesium, D3, and K2 to have healthy bones.

That balance will depend on what your lab work tells you.

In addition to my Multi vitamins (one in the morning and one at night) I take:

1500 mg Calcium Citrate (500mg, three times per day),

1000 mg Magnesium (500 mg, morning and night),

4000 mg (daily) dry D3,

180 mg K2 (daily)

A cranberry pill ( because I'm prone to UTI's)

Biotin and Zinc

Edited to add: If you take a blood thinner consult your doctor before adding any from of Vitamin K,

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Hello Rocky513,

Thank you for the reply, this helps me so much! Can I ask you for one more favor and let me know what brand or type of vitamins you use?

I know we are all different but would like to have a guide, I take centrum women's in the am but only 1, also magnesium glycinate 1 a day, I have a hard time taking vitamin D. I don't know why I get anxious and chest pains with it, But I push through it because my vit D levels are at a low 24, I take 2000 units everyday + the 1000 included in the multi's also take the calcium in the gummy but researching for another brand or maybe even a liquid form,

I take 1 iron cap every other day since my infusions are on hold due to the covid situation, (don't understand why my hematologist recommended every other day, instead of everyday)

I don't take blood thinners that are prescribed but I do take herbal supplements that say are used as blood thinners, I will consult with my doctor about this, but every time I bring herbal medicine to doctors they kind of dismiss it so not sure how to go about that.

Thank you so much again!

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I take two Centrum Silver multi vitamins daily. You need to be taking 200% of the recommended dose. If you only take one multi vitamin a day, you are not taking enough.
I use the generic Walmart brand Calcium Citrate.
Spring Valley Magnesium Oxide (sometimes I get Magnesium Citrate which helps with constipation and is the best for absorption)
Spring Valley D3 (Dry...not in gel cap form. We don't absorb gel caps well)
I get my K2 from Amazon. I get in the form of Mk-7 (best) or Mk-4 (good)

I also take one tablet of Vitron-C Iron (which already contains Vitamin C) every day. You need to take Vitamin C with Iron for best absorption and if you take it with coffee or black tea it does not absorb well. You also can not take Iron within 2 hours of Calcium so don't take them at the same time.

Any form of gummy vitamins are a no-no after RNY. We don't absorb them. They are suspended in oil, just like gel caps. RNY patients do not absorb oil well. It slides right through us.

You must keep your D3 levels up. It is very important for absorption of several vitamins...especially calcium. Vitamin D deficiency will actually cause chest pain and anxiety. I had to take very high doses (50,000) daily for several months to get my levels up. I like to keep my numbers around 75. I have been able to maintain between 65 and 75 by taking 4000 mg daily. It' is important to get regular labs done. Too much D3 is not good.

HW 270 SW 236 GW 160 CW 145 (15 pounds below goal!)

VBG Aug. 7, 1986, Revised to RNY Nov. 18, 2010

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I have only used the Citrate/Carbonate when looking at my calcium (We are supposed to consume Citrate because Carbonate is for acid reflux relief). I have used ones from Bariatric Advantage, Celebrate, FitForMe, ProCare, BariLife, CitriCal, Building Blocks (back in the day), Calcet to name a few because I was (still am) completely terrified of becoming deficient in ANYTHING so I take something that has been formulated for best absorption. No matter what I take, I have always tried to maintain the ASMBS guidelines of 1500mg a day for calcium along with other recommended Multi, Iron, Biotin, Potassium etc.

There have been a few articles from Bec McDorman that have helped me a lot with knowing what vitamin to take with what, what is fat soluble, what is water soluble. Let me see if I can find them and link them here.

on 7/20/20 3:42 pm

I did a search through the articles and three came up with the target word, "Phosphate"

Bec's article is the first one listed... but there are 2 others

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Thank you so much for the articles this is great information!!
I I will read them and see what I am missing