Covid Virus: How are you doing?

on 7/27/20 9:40 am
RNY on 04/15/19

How are you all doing throughout this pandemic? How are you getting through this time? I hope all is as well as can be expected! It's been a hard few months here not being able to see family and friends as I am sure it has been with many of you. I sure hope this all ends soon and life gets back to normal. I can hardly sleep because my mind is all over the place. I have been reading books and listening to podcasts and cooking a little more. Trying to make new recipes. (I am not known to be the best cook so I am trying to improve my skills.)

on 7/27/20 3:45 pm

My kids are starving for family time... They used to see Grandparents and their cousin a LOT and then all of a sudden that had to stop. We've gone out for a few "socially distant" family gatherings but it's hard for them to understand that they can't be within 6 feet if they aren't wearing a mask since there are many in my family who are at risk. We do a lot of face time calls and thankfully, we are trying to stay as sane as possible. When I go out, I keep my distance and have my list so I know exactly where I am going so I can get what we need and get out. We would like to continue to do the ordering online but half the time what we want is not there and I am willing to make a substitution, but I hate leaving it up to someone I don't know to make that decision for me (IE, if there are no grapes, I am ok with bananas... or various brands of tomato sauce etc)... We would do online ordering and only get half of what we need. I can go in, and make adjustments on the spot and not have to worry about it. Plus, mommy gets some alone time.

on 7/28/20 8:17 am
RNY on 04/15/19

Sounds like you are doing the very best you can with your kids and family. Face time really helps to stay connected and to not feel completely isolated. I do the same thing when I go out which has only been a few times. I wear my mask, sanitize my hands etc. I have my list and get in and out as fast as possible. Online ordering didn't work for me either. Most often, I couldn't get the time slots I needed to pick up the groceries and we live too far out in the country to get groceries delivered. And you are right, it is hard to get the things you want when you order online. And I understand the need for Mommy alone time! Hope you and your family stay safe!

Janet P.
on 7/28/20 7:17 am

I'm single and live alone (with my kitty). I also live in a high rise 55+ community. Can't leave my condo without a mask. My condo is my safe zone because there are people in my building (multiple buildings within a community of 1200 condos) *****fuse to wear masks even though they're required. I'm extremely fortunate that my job is portable so work has not changed for me with the exception that I'm doing it at home full time instead of going into the office every day. I only go out 1-2 times a week to shop.

I keep in touch with friends and family through zoom and phone. There are a couple of close friends who I've met with face to face (of course covered by a mask and being socially distant). My sister came for a visit about a month ago (she's autoimmune compromised so has been sheltered at home since March) and hopes to come back soon for another visit. Miss her terribly.

What used to be normal will never be back. IMO masks are a part of our life now and I'm ok with that it if will help people stay healthy and safe. Personally I think once we have a vaccine we might be OK but that's several years away. Not what I envisioned for my upcoming retirement (3 years, 3 months - but who's counting).

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 7/28/20 8:37 am
RNY on 04/15/19

Hi Janet...Living in such a large community during this time, I can certainly understand why your condo is your safe zone. Especially when others refuse to wear a mask. You are very lucky to be able to work from home for sure!

I think it's great that you have been able to not be completely isolated from your friends and family. That has been very difficult for me because I haven't been able to see the ones I care about for several months now. I hope you get to see your sister again very soon.

I sure hope that wearing masks wherever we go won't be the new normal but like you, I will do what I can to make sure others are safe.

Three years and three months left until retirement! That is so great! I am so jealous. I would be counting down the days.

I hope you stay safe and well!

on 7/29/20 11:08 am

Trying to maintain my program and it's hard. Overall, I have lost about 20 pounds so I am happy about that. But, I think things are compounding and part of me wants to scream. I want to spend time with my friends, I want alone time, I want my family and trying to grasp "a new normal"? I can't imagine this being normal at all and especially me being OK with it. Taking it one day at a time

on 8/10/20 10:00 am
RNY on 04/15/19

One day at a time is all we can do. I hope this new normal doesn't last too much longer.

Good for you for being able to lose 20 pounds during this very difficult time!