Who or what has been your inspiration for maintaining weight loss?

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Years ago, I was a waitress at a popular restaurant near Universal Studios. I had a regular customer named Jerry and he was very morbidly obese. (I wasn't too overweight at the time myself.) When I first started waiting on him, he would order several portions-appetizers, at least 2 meals, and dessert and usually he ordered the most unhealthy things on the menu. He walked with a cane, had breathing issues and other health concerns that he shared with me. One day, he didn't order like he usually did. He ordered one meal and asked for modifications and made healthier choices and he continued to do that every time he would come in which was often on a daily basis. I couldn't get over the changes in his habits and slowly but surely, I noticed he was losing weight. He shared with me that now that he could walk better, he was taking small walks daily. Anyway, he continued to lose weight. No more cane. He was happier and healthier and he had new goals and ambitions as a person and as an artist. After several months, he finally shared with me that he had weight loss surgery. I had never even heard of it before. Flash forward, life occurrences and my lack of self-care caused me to gain a lot of weight. I was so uncomfortable and felt hopeless really. Reflecting on my life, I remembered Jerry who had been far more overweight than I was. But he decided enough was enough and changed his life and his health by making better decisions, reaching out for help with a surgeon, and he stuck to the plan! Years later, he was my inspiration for taking charge of my health, someone I met through serving food who had become a friend. And my inspiration. I will never forget Jerry!

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I love this! I'm still awaiting surgery but I'm very interested in hearing replies.

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Me too Becca! Wishing you well in your upcoming surgery.

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Honestly, myself for now... I want to get healthier so I am here to experience everything I want to experience. I don't want to have done something that resulted in my losing my life unless I was doing something to try and better it. With all of my research so far, I am willing to die on the surgery table if it means that I am trying to better myself.

It's finally time that I am my loudest cheerleader, rather than my biggest doubter.

I still have a couple of months to go for my supervised program, so I am on my way!

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I am new to this board and am just starting on m Weight Loss Surgery journey. Honestly it was my husband who is my inspiration. He's had to take care of me more more as my condition worsened. I became bed bound due to Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and gained 100 pounds over the span of 7 months or so. I feel more like his patient than his wife. So I want to get healthier for both him and myself. Mainly so I can have more years with my husband and kids.w

Just starting on my weight loss journey.

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Hello all, I am new here. I am also waiting to do weight loss surgery. I want to know is any side effects after the surgery. Actually my issue is after my delivery I get more weight within one year. I did many workouts but I cannot control my weight. My question is after delivery how much the time is taken to this weight loss surgery is it good or not?...... Plz can you suggest me

Janet P.
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Let me say that I started my research in 2002 and there wasn't much out in the internet world about WLS, especially the DS. I had my DS in Feb 2003.

Three inspirations for me. The first was my mother. She was living in a nursing home simply because she was too obese to rehab a broken leg. Her feet never touched the ground for 5 years. The bone never healed properly (because of obesity-related type 2 diabetes). I realized if I didn't so something soon, I'd be in her position and that wasn't going to happen.

Another was a co-worker, who had the RNY and lost 100 pounds in a year. She also didn't change her eating habits so she started gaining her weight back and ultimately gained it all back. So her inspiration was two-fold - WLS was definitely an option but I had to change my eating habits to be successful (that revelation came post-surgery for me).

The third was a group of people I got to know through the WL surgeon - we had monthly meetings at the hospital, and through that group about 15 of us met weekly at someone's house (I'm still friends with several of those folks). There were a few people who never quite lost all their weight and that inspired me to stick to the program, exercise, change my eating habits and it worked and has continued to work for 17 years.

Obviously there have been others over the years - doctors who made me recognize that I needed to quit smoking (which I have been smoke free for almost 14 years).

Find inspiration in many places - you'd be surprised what can inspire you.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

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I'm battling weight regain. The weight scale never saying 2 at the front is my inspiration. I want to stay in ONEderland.

RNY Oct. 27/17. HW 289; SW 285; GW 144; LW: 161 CW: 196 FML: Fighting regain :(