Is your resting heart rate usually high?

on 8/5/20 9:36 pm

I just recently started taking my heart rate at night. Noticed it's consistently high 90s low 100s. Just wanted to know if this was normal for morbid obese people (I'm 363 and 5'6). It's been like this for weeks and I even went to the ER and they told me everything was normal. Just that high resting heart rate. Anyone with similar experiences?

on 8/6/20 10:33 am

My resting heart rate (I wear a FitBit) is usually in the 70's/80's. I am 5'4" and SW was 345. I have not gotten on a scale for a bit but I am on my Dr's supervised program while I am getting approved and I feel a difference in my clothes. So, I imagine I am below 325.

I just asked my sister (she is thin, has not had surgery) 5'5" and 135/140 pounds I'm guessing and she just checked hers and hers is averaging around 60.

Janet P.
on 8/6/20 10:38 am

Several questions and comments. First, I'm not a doctor so this is strictly from a non-medical person.

First, how do you feel? Can you feel your heart racing? Do you have any other issues (sweats, light-headedness). How is it during the day? How is it when you wake up? According to the information online "normal" is between 60-100. With that said, you (5'6" and 363) are not "normal". Do you have sleep apnea?

IMHO i would contact your primary doctor or a cardiologist immediately.

Janet in Leesburg
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Citizen Kim
on 8/6/20 11:27 am, edited 8/6/20 4:28 am - Castle Rock, CO

I'm 58 and 16 years from surgery.

For most of my adult life mine was in the 90/100 range even with moderate regular exercise (3 x per week)

For the last 3 + years I have stepped up my exercise and have walked 4 miles a day, 7 days a week, (thanks to my dog) and I am now in the 60/70 range.

My cholesterol values are all in the optimal range

Cholesterol 129 mg/dL

Triglycerides 97

HDL 60

Cholesterol non HDL 69

LDL 50

and my BP is the same 120/60 ish.

Exercise is not particularly conducive to weight loss, but it is great for your overall health and is something you should plan for in your post op life if you wish to improve your health. You will hear from people who lose all their weight without exercise and that is wholly possible, but being slim does not always align with being fit and healthy.

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on 8/7/20 10:47 am

my resting heart rate is between 55/65 or so... my blood pressure has been fantastic since having surgery which prior to, was on the scary high side. Now, its (the last time I checked) 117/78

Funny thing, one of the "dumping" side effects is an elevated heart rate... when I eat too fast or something that is pushing the envelope is that my heart rate jumps until I'm done digesting whatever it is that I ate.

on 8/10/20 11:12 am

Mine was just as high as yours, I was 5'9 and 277 at the time of surgery. It was always in the 90s or low 100s.

Now my resting heart rate sits at about 60, sometimes a little lower