What are everyone's weekend plans to stay accountable?

on 8/14/20 10:28 am

Looking for some ideas (maybe outside of the box), to stay accountable?

on 8/14/20 12:10 pm, edited 8/14/20 5:11 am
VSG on 06/11/18

Instead of focusing on don'ts (such as don't eat unhealthy stuff), I'm focusing on do's (such as do drink lots of water, do eat lots of veggies so I don't get hungry).

on 8/14/20 4:01 pm

I really like this one. Thank you. I need to re-calibrate my thinking and this is perfect to add to my notes!

on 8/14/20 3:58 pm

My kids and I have tried waking up earlier to go outside before it gets too hot and that has worked for us so far (day one was today... hahaha) going to try it tomorrow as well

My daughter threw the tennis ball and I would try and beat my dogs to it (I lost miserably, but it was fun)

on 8/14/20 4:00 pm

Sounds like fun!