fluoroscopy xray

on 8/21/20 4:27 pm

Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever had a fluoroscopy? I had one today with barium. The barium didn't move through quickly, they had to manipulate it down.

I have pain in my stomach today. The worst is I won't get results until next week. I am concerned about a blockage, but they didn't say anything to me about that.



Citizen Kim
on 8/22/20 9:51 am - Castle Rock, CO

I've had one done with barium and I was asked if I minded if student doctors came to watch. I wasnt expecting 30 lol! It moved so fast they were fascinated. RNY was not at all common so that's why they were all so interested (I was in Singapore). It was 10+ years ago so I don't remember any side effects

I had one done on my lungs/diaphragm last week as a normal xray showed right side paralysis of my diaphragm. All was normal and they told me that before I left.

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