How Did you Find the Passion to Exercise on a Regular Basis?

on 8/24/20 3:49 pm

I have no passion for exercising at all. I really have to push myself to take long walks and that's about all I do. Today I pushed myself to walk two miles in the rain but that is only because my sister guilted me into walking with her. I even have a nice treadmill that I haven't used in forever. But I read posts from others on here who have had WLS and they are running, doing Yoga, teaching Zumba classes, becoming certified fitness instructors and even doing triathlons! I am so in awe. I really want to love to exercise because I know I need to but the drive and passion just isn't there. If you exercise on a regular basis, how did you find the want and drive to do so?

on 8/24/20 4:33 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

Music lifts my bottom up and I get moving. Inspiration helps me to stay motivated and having a set time frame to exercise keeps me on track. Its only been a week since surgery, but it definitely hard to get up some days.

on 8/25/20 7:57 am

Maybe playing music while I walk on the treadmill will help and setting a specific time. I usually have the TV on in the rare times I have used it. I am going to push myself to to start a routine. I just have to. I hope your surgery went well!

Citizen Kim
on 8/24/20 4:42 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Lots of people are gung ho the first year or two after surgery.

I'm a regular walker (minimum 4 miles per day - average 12k steps per day) 7 days a week because my dog won't let me not do it! Not bad at 16 years out.

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on 8/25/20 8:00 am

Four miles a day! I thought the two miles I walked yesterday was a big deal. Maybe I can work up to that. Especially this winter on the treadmill. Congratulations on being on the top 3% of Samsung Health users! That is to be admired and is very inspiring.

on 8/27/20 8:33 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

2 miles was a big deal. Everybody got to start somewhere. I always exercised even before surgery. I just ate too much to see the benefits. Now I see the benefits. It usually takes 2 weeks for anything to become routine. Push yourself to do those 2 miles for two weeks and see if it becomes a routine for you. I do listen to music when I run and It give me time to release stress. Since I will not go into the gym for now my 1/2 hour 3 mile elliptical has become a 3.5 mile morning run and I am pissed if the weather does not cooperate. You have made the commitment to weight loss and I am sure your surgeon explained the necessity of exercise. The hour or so your out exercising is one less hour you have to snack. it is a definite game changer once it become routine. Good Luck.

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on 8/27/20 12:32 pm

Thanks Teenie for your encouraging words! And good point, when I am exercising I can't snack which is a bad habit of mine. It just might be my issue that I don't make exercise a routine. I am going to try and push myself and ask my sister to help me by walking with me daily so that I am held accountable. I am already dreading it but I understand how important it is.

White Dove
on 8/24/20 8:17 pm

What helps me is to never say I am going to exercise. I call it going to play. Make it as much fun as possible. For a long time, I had my VCR in front of the treadmill and only allowed myself to watch a movie while I was on the treadmill.

Now that are great exercise programs for the treadmill or stationary bike. You can take a walk in some really great place and have the machine adjust for hills in the film you are walking to.

My passion is water and I belong to an outdoor swim club in the summer and a indoor pool in the winter. Where I plan to swim this winter, they have added a Roman Bath. That is an outdoor pool that they keep heated to 90 degrees and you can swim outdoors in the winter. I am actually excited about being in that pool on a snowy day.

I like buying pretty swimsuits and getting a tan in the summer. I can do so much movement in the water and never get sore muscles like I would on land. I do water aerobics when I can. The secret is to love what you are doing.

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on 8/25/20 8:12 am

Oh I would love water exercise! Believe it or not, I used to be on a swim team in my high school years. I wish I had a home pool. I would love to swim in that outdoor pool in the winter too! That looks beautiful. I have always wanted a hot tub outdoors where I can sit and relax on a snowy evening and that pool would do the trick!

Sounds like I need a new treadmill? Mine doesn't have exercise programs like that.

White Dove
on 8/25/20 8:41 am

I would suggest calling your local Y and seeing what they offer in water exercise. There are also hot tubs that are designed for exercise. I plan to buy not another treadmill, but a recumbent bike with iFit programming.

That is to reduce leg cramps that I get from intense treadmill time.

Good luck with finding something you love to do.

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