Looking for revision assistance

on 8/31/20 11:47 am

Hi! I had RNY gastric bypass in 2002 - I weighed 330 on my surgery date. I got down to 170 and stayed that way for years. Fast forward to today, 2 kids, and now I am 265 with acid reflux and probably pre-diabetic (getting tests soon). Has anyone had revision surgery to RNY? I now have BCBS federal, not sure they will cover it or not. Any tips? I live in OKC area - anybody recommend any good revision surgeons? My original was in Tulsa and has now passed away. I am really interested if anyone has experience with BCBS federal and revision coverage.

White Dove
on 8/31/20 9:10 pm

Nobody can answer that for you. You need to call the number on back of your card to see what coverage you have. There are many variations of coverage within every plan.

Then talk to a bariatric surgeon and get an opinion. Insurance will usually only cover there is something wrong with your original surgery and only a surgeon can make that determination.

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on 9/6/20 2:57 pm

They do an endoscopic procedure to fix a RNY. It is called an EGBR (Endoscopic Gastric Bypass Revision). It is day surgery,

It is fairly quick and there really isn't much recovery in the hospital.