on 9/8/20 6:12 pm

I have read a lot of people have gotten weight loss surgery at 500+ pounds. Can any of you tell me how general anesthesia went? I'm terrified to have it at my size. My heart is fine, I have mild sleep apnea, blood pressure high end of normal and no diabetes. Thank you.

on 9/8/20 6:37 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

I was about 280 when I started and by surgery I was around 265. Anesthesia went just fine for me, was out before I new it and awake with many questions. I wasn't terrified but was a little scared because I was alone and had no one waiting for me, but the staff were so kind it didn't bother me to be alone. I look at my surgery this way: if I didn't get it done to help me lose the weight, I could end up dying sooner then expected due to my obesity and having a rare blood clotting disorder called Factor 5 Leiden.

on 9/9/20 3:49 pm

Have you met with your surgeon yet? I think as long as you have a skilled surgical team who is familiar with, or has worked with patients similar with your stats, you should be in good hands!

Prayers for comfort and I hope you get the answers you are looking for.

I am 340 with early stages of sleep apnea (no machine), I have high blood pressure currently on meds to regulate) pre-diabetic, and high cholesterol (+ everything else), 5'4". I have one last appointment next week and then can be submitted for surgery, so I think I will have my heart monitor test done once everything has been cleared.

Janet P.
on 9/10/20 6:59 am

I was about 320 at the time of surgery. No issues with general anesthesia. Clearly 320 is not 500+. Have you had this conversation with your surgeon?

Janet in Leesburg
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