Timing... Just curious

on 9/9/20 3:21 pm

Hi all, just curious if you can recall how long it took you from when you submitted your paperwork for approval, to the time you were able to schedule for surgery? Trying to get a "guesstimation" of how long it might be? I realize that I am not accounting for any potential denials or hiccups because I am PRAYING for smooth sailing.

on 9/9/20 4:18 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

My insurance required 6 dietician appointments and after my 6th the surgeon scheduled me out 2 months later for surgery. It varies based on insurance and surgeons schedule.

on 9/10/20 10:18 am

Mine required the 6 visits as well. I have my last one next week! I am thinking the next step in the mix will take 4-8 weeks for scheduling

on 9/10/20 9:26 am

The program I went through was a minimum of 6 months. I worked for the hospital system and it was automatically approved, but I still had to go through the 6 month process of seeing dietary, support groups, psych appointments before you could be approved to meet the surgeons. After I met the surgeons I was scheduled for surgery 5 weeks later. They would've done it sooner, but that was the soonest they could schedule an OR day.

on 9/10/20 10:16 am

I have my last appointment with my PCP next week and then we submit for approvals. I asked what bariatric providers are in my network so I have an idea of the surgeon/practice I would be referred to. I went to a few support groups prior to COVID and hope all goes well!

on 9/11/20 9:04 am