Compression garments

on 9/11/20 9:07 am
White Dove
on 9/12/20 2:44 pm

Marena. They are not cheap, but excellent quality and customer service. They will help you to get the right size.

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on 9/14/20 4:45 am

Great, thank you. I will check them out. I don't mind paying more for a good product.

on 9/17/20 3:34 pm

If you are still looking into compression garments, I was searching a while back and found some that I like at I get the 20-30's and they make me feel "put together". I wear them under jeans/other leggings etc, and have found that I feel a lot better when I do wear them vs. not. I also have 1 pair from Ziya (Lite & Tite I think it was) but I bought those from a friend of mine who sells them independently.

on 9/17/20 3:42 pm

But if you are just looking at a garment to wear under clothes for everyday, I have Slimpressions and really like those as well.