Getting Anxious!

on 10/8/20 1:07 pm

Still haven't heard from my insurance company about my approvals and trying to do things that take my mind off of "waiting".

What are some things you now do, new hobbies etc. that you have picked up since you can't just sit an eat (that's what I want to do) whenever you want?

I'm finding that I am CONSTANTLY thinking about going to the fridge? Trying to be good is so freaking hard!

White Dove
on 10/8/20 2:41 pm

It took my insurance company about six weeks to make a decision. How long have you been waiting? If more than a month, I would call the insurance company and ask when to expect an answer.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 10/9/20 3:42 pm

I am on week 3. Just playing the waiting game! I will def call next friday!

on 10/8/20 5:58 pm

Oh I hope you hear back soon. I am not yet where you are. I am still flip flopping and trying to decide how to move forward. I am just not in a place where i am sure weight loss surgery is for me. Hope the wait ends soon for you.

on 10/9/20 3:44 pm

It is also a bit of "pre-game jitters" I guess! Having doubts, which I know is normal, but I just want the relief of knowing I've been approved because I've fulfilled the requirements!

on 10/9/20 3:31 pm
RNY on 08/21/20

I was where you are about 3 months ago... it will happen, just have faith!

on 10/9/20 3:43 pm

Thank you!