Body's Setpoint at Ideal Weight ?! Is it POSSIBLE ?!

on 10/9/20 4:25 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I happened into LA Fitness the other day and there was this doctor's office scale so I said, what the heck , and stepped on it fully expecting to be in my usual 160s or 150s or so.

I'm a tall strong grrrl ( 5'9"), an ex athlete with lots of calorie-burning muscle which weighs three times more than the same volume of fat - so weighing that much and being a size S-XS or 2-4 in clothes is no contradiction.

I was shocked when the scale landed at 132. I walked out of the place telling the front desk grrrl that obviously they set the scale to cheat 20 lbs to attract and keep customers ( like the slimming fitting room mirrors at Walmart that get you to buy) ... she laughed so I thought I was right...

But of course the number rented space in my head throughout the next week lol- wouldn't be an ex-fat grrrl if it Didn't, right ?

Then I actually caught myself putting on a sports bra and black leggings ( a pretty unflattering outfit for a natural apple shape where the back, stomach, shoulders, arms are several sizes bigger than the chicken legs and flat butt lol...) to go to meeting ... and it wasn't even warm out - and I actually looked GOOD in it ! Which means ... I AM at a low weight... hmm.

Now could I POSSIBLY be ACTUALLY near the " ideal " weight I radically dieted to try to get to in my early teens ?( the 300 calories ridiculous calories I limited myself to then whole for three weeks which was all I could stand totally and forever stopped my growth ... and of course I bounced back ever heavier )

At that time I considered the absolute ideal to be 129 for myself - and a size 24 or 25 in jeans. And I AM a 25 now ( though in department store jeans - who KNOWS what those over-flattering sizes mean ?)

Please don't be overly impressed. If my shirts are too tight my back fat and upper stomach fat rolls still show. I have plenty of bra overhang too... but this could be Loose Skin... as opposed to Fat. Hmmm. ..its a LOT to think about.

There are many vets here who got to and stay WAY below their first weight loss goals. I'm just AMAZED that I ( maybe ) am staying this low basically effortlessly.

Did you notice your body's set point slowly falling over the years as you exercised and became more disciplined with your food intake ?

Do you, as I do feel stronger and healthier than ever ...not in the slightest bit frail or health-challenge-vulnerable ?

Thanks for responding !

on 10/9/20 6:10 am
RNY on 06/03/15

A lot of people reach their lowest weight sometime during year 2 and then gain 10-20 lbs sometime during year 3 (unfortunately, with little effort) - although you're already six years out so well beyond the typical rebound stage. Hard to say. I bottomed out at 138 and now bounce around between 155-160. My new set point seems to be in there because if I lose or gain now, I'll eventually (and naturally) go back to this range. If you're set point is that low, you're lucky - wish mine was!

White Dove
on 10/9/20 11:47 am, edited 10/9/20 4:47 am

No, most of us do not suddenly end up at a lower weight years after surgery. We fight to not have regain.

Five years ago, I had a rapid weight loss and dropped almost 20 pounds in about 2 weeks. It turned out that my diabetes had kicked back in and the high blood sugar was causing the weight loss. Once that was back under control, the weight did come back.

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on 10/9/20 2:36 pm
RNY on 01/01/14

OMG I PRAY its not diabetes coming back.

But my (non fasting ) blood sugars are usually very low - in the sixes I believe... and this is very gradual weight loss.

Then again I DID live basically on sugar for a few years when I was drinking heavily ... and was rarely moving.

Oh boy... now I'm SCARED

White Dove
on 10/9/20 8:20 pm

Get to a doctor and get checked out.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

Citizen Kim
on 10/9/20 6:56 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Sudden, unexpected weightloss should always be investigated.

If it's your lifestyle change, all well and good. If not, best to find out what's wrong early.

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