Closer to meeting my first goal!

on 10/9/20 3:55 pm

I posted earlier this week that I wanted to lose my COVID 10ish and I am halfway to that goal. Monday, I weighed in at 177.9 pounds and this morning I weighed 171.7

I have been really strict with my diet and have not touched ONE SINGLE THING that was not on my list of surgeon approved foods. Not. Even. a. Taste. AND I HAVE KIDS

I'm taking this week as a reminder that I can do this. By, golly, it's been 12 years, I know I can, but I don't want to lack the motivation I had when I first started.

I never want to go back. Now, off to log my food in the RNY thread!

on 10/9/20 4:06 pm

Dee_Caprini great job..I'm just getting into this whole thing. I hope I can be as compliant as you! Way to go!

on 10/9/20 4:10 pm

This journey definitely has it's ebbs and flows. The battle will never be "won" because we can always experience regain. I am working on setting the little goals and that seems to work for me.

Good luck!

on 10/12/20 2:05 pm

Dee_Caprini, in everything I read about this, everyone says you can experience regain and I get that if you don't follow the proper steps you might and very likely will. My thoughts for down the line once I have surgery, are that I reach a point at which I'm much healthier and happy with myself and my progress and can start to enjoy life. Crossing fingers!

on 10/12/20 12:49 pm

Good for you! You can reach any goal you strive for if you want it bad enough. Now to take my own advice. LOL

on 10/13/20 3:45 pm

I think we ALL need to take our own advice! Why are we our own worst critic!?

on 10/14/20 8:40 am

Dee_Caprini, I'm hard enough on myself, but my Mirror is definitely worse. Sadly, maybe more truthful!

on 10/14/20 8:39 am

TJFox, thanks for the encouragement. I think this group of people on here are great. They don't get anything out of answering people's questions, just the good feeling of maybe helping someone succeed. Yay! I feel better every day I'm on here looking for advice!