"Smooth Move Ex-Lax!"

on 10/14/20 3:08 pm

That is not the case for this chica. I am really trying to stay focused and know that things are getting plugged up with me trying to keep it high protein. Even with taking 3 overnight gentle relief Dolcolax every night, nothing seems to be moving! Any tips?

But with the scale not moving (and neither are my bowels) help a sista out!

PS, I miss movies from the 80's/90's!

Cathy H.
on 10/14/20 3:42 pm
VSG on 10/31/16

Do you take a probiotic? I had serious constipation issues beginning immediately after surgery. When I went to my 2 year checkup with my surgeon, he had moved practice and had a new nutritionist. She told me that if I included a probiotic every day, I would see a drastic improvement. She was right! I started taking one 25-billion probiotic daily, and have no more constipation issues. You may need more, depending on how much protein you ingest per day...I stick at 60g.

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on 10/15/20 10:33 am

I dont right now. I did when I was pregnant and just never got it again. I will have to try this one too! I have been doing 90-120 g protein a day so I will see about adding 2 to my daily vitamin list

White Dove
on 10/14/20 6:23 pm

At one point I ended up in the emergency room with extreme pain. They took x-rays to see what was going on and then prescribed a bottle of sodium citrate. I have learned not to let that happen again. I take magnesium and fiber every day. I also have added 1/3 cup of oatmeal to my diet. It helps immensely. Many people take Miralax every day. Just find what works for you. It is probably never going to be like before surgery.

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on 10/15/20 10:29 am

Oh, I didn't know/think it could get ER bad! Praying it should move along. I will definitely have to try the Magnesium and see if I can find a bari friendly one. I have a love hate relationship with oatmeal/carbs because my body does not like them, I am finding. I tend to gain even if I incorporate them in the slightest.

on 10/15/20 5:45 am

I take Metamucil every other day and that seems to help a little. I just recently bought magnesium to try. My stylist friend told me that it helps with constipation and sleep both. I have no experience with it though so I can't say for sure. I have read that some vitamins (too much of) can cause constipation.

on 10/15/20 10:24 am

I just feel like I am all plugged up! my stomach, skin and all just feels so bloated!

on 10/21/20 2:07 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

I just bought magnesium too, for the same reasons: help with constipation and sleep. I got fizzy tablets that dissolve in water, and it tastes pretty good. I hope it helps both of us!

on 10/15/20 5:47 am

Oh and PS: I miss any new movies at this point! They are all repeats these days and I don't have Netflix.

on 10/15/20 10:22 am

While seeing movies at home is convenient, it's just not the same! We saw Mulan and enjoyed it though.