Low B12 levels and hair loss

on 10/15/20 5:26 am

From a TV segment, I am just learning this morning that low B12 levels can cause hair loss/thinning! My B12 levels have come back low on my last 2 lab tests and I have been complaining about hair loss yet my doctor never said a word to me that it could be related. I just thought it was all stress related. Since I had not had lab tests done for quite a while, I may have had low B12 for some time now. I was given the B12 shot once but that's it. Do any of you take B12 on a regular basis and did it help with the hair loss? I am not even sure how much to take. My doctor just left the practice and I haven't seen a new one yet.

on 10/15/20 5:59 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I take B12 regularly (in my case, a megadose every other week). I had the usual hairloss the first few months post-surgery, but none since then.

on 10/15/20 2:41 pm

I am going to start taking it on a regular basis and see if that helps. Thanks!

on 10/15/20 9:44 am, edited 10/15/20 2:44 am
VSG on 06/11/18
on 10/15/20 2:42 pm

Thanks for the link. On my way to check it out now.