What Are Ten Things You Can't Live Without Post WLS?

on 10/20/20 12:40 pm, edited 10/20/20 1:40 pm
RNY on 01/01/14
  1. Air popped kettle cooked popcorn ( though this was a favorite pre surgery too). I consider it a "free" food and a great head hunger and boredom reliever . Please note NOT microwave popcorn which is full of oil.
  2. My five minute sunscreen/makeup kit - no oil face sunscreen, spray sunscreen for body, matte 24 hour foundation ( necessary to protect against super strength Florida sun, mineral powder ( ditto) , concealer/dark circle remover, dark blue eyeliner for inside of upper eyelid, tinted lash growth serum for lashes and brows, lumify and white gel eye pencil for inside bottom lid if I want to get fancy ( takes another 30 seconds ).
  3. Vitamins - they make me feel SO much better !
  4. Exercise for mood first , then weight /eating control
  5. Salicylic Acid Body and Face Wash ( Neutrogena) - tightens skin by turning layers over faster like my body did when I was younger.
  6. REALLY Comfortable and REALLY FLATTERING Cute Flexible Wedgie shoes I can always walk hours in- great for everything from spontaneous exploring of new places to parking far from the store and getting in some extra steps.
  7. Butter Buds ( real butter solids without the fat - great for cooking lower fat ) and Truvia and Truvia Brown Sugar ( great for sweetening coffee and baking)
  8. Fat free powdered milk in a hundred variations - FF cottage cheese, FF Ricotta Cheese FF American Cheese slices, ice milk bars, FF half n half, FF cream cheese, FF Kraft Mayonnaise. OF COURSE FF salad dressings of all types. Fat free powdered sauce mixes to make tasty food Fast!
  9. Costco and my back yard .. for tons of fresh produce I turn into tasty healthy low-fat food.
  10. REALLY good FLATTERING sneakers and waterproof hiking boots for winter and REALLY CUTE workout clothes for all weathers - LOTS of them including good supportive bras so I have the extra incentive to get out there - I KNOW I look my best !

on 10/20/20 1:07 pm

1. My wife;

2. Being a life long autodidact, I absolutely love learning;

3. My computer. I work on my computer. I play on my computer. I research on my computer;

4. Mongolian BBQ. If I have a favorite food I call on often, it's Mongolian BBQ;

5. Radio Control Gliders. They are magic, floating as if on nothing. I build them from scratch;

6. I really miss running, so I am seeing what I can do without killing myself and my knees and back. No marathons;

7. Cheese. I love cheese. Anything is better with cheese... especially cheese;

I can't really come up with anything else. My moderately severe OCD expresses itself via my serial obsessions. I get an interest and devote myself to it for weeks or months until the next one manifests. My wife is my only obsession that grows daily for 35 years. Every one and every thing else is transient except the 7 things listed above.

Yeah, I know.


on 10/20/20 1:55 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

Your wife being your obsession is adorable.

HW: 306 SW: 282 CW:144.8 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19), next goal - 132.9


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VSG on 06/11/18

Learning is my obsession too! I completed my PhD at 57, the year before I got WLS. (Apologies if I've told you this before.)

on 10/21/20 1:35 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Not in order of importance:

Learning, especially mathematics

My cats. Sadly, one of my cats is in end-stage kidney disease, and it breaks my heart. But one good thing about the pandemic is that I'm working from home all the time and able to spend so much time with him. He still seems to be feeling fine; he's lively, playful, and very affectionate (always has been). When I adopted him and brought him home, he snuggled so hard against me that he fell asleep, exhausted. After a bit, he woke up, snuggled tight against me again, and fell asleep. About the fourth time this happened, he looked up at me, and I swear I could tell that he had realised that he was now in a home where he could get all the snuggles he wanted. And believe me, he wants a lot of snuggles. I'm very happy to oblige.

Friends. I'm an introvert, so I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones I have, I treasure.

Dried mango.

Skinny jeans.

Green Isle Let's Cook Protein Stir Fry. It has edamame, which I adore. Haven't been able to find it anywhere for a few months, though their other stir fry packages are still around.

The internet. Makes it so much easier to learn.

My computer. I've been programming since 1979, so when I sit down at a computer, it feels like ideas are flowing directly from my brain into the computer. I'm conjuring up new worlds with new things.

Quiet. I love being in a rural area.

Solitude. I said I was an introvert, didn't I?

on 10/21/20 5:36 pm
VSG on 12/11/17
  1. My Blanket, I am always chilly now which is a nice change
  2. Brooks Sneakers Now that I can walk A good set of Brooks takes me really far and I never want to be without them, like ever!
  3. Everything Bagel Seasoning, It's good on everything
  4. Eggs, I mean you can eat them for every meal and use them in so many ways great protein and if you use 1 whole one and one egg white it cuts down the calories
  5. Coffee
  6. SF Torani Syrup it makes so many flavor combos possible and I love using it in so many recipes
  7. My Ninja
  8. Unjury Protein
  9. Air Conditioning
  10. Bariatric Support Community, The support of my fellow peers all who understand the battle and struggles and can relate has made such and impact and difference in my life and encourages me to continue fighting each and every day.