metabolic damage

on 10/22/20 12:59 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

I found the first part of this video interesting for the explanation of all the ways your metabolism fights you when you try to lose weight. The second part about fixing metabolic damage was intriguing, however I'm not about to try either of those techniques until and unless there's a lot more research supporting them. I don't want to risk undoing the hard work I've done to get to a healthy BMI, even if it means I have to restrict calories for the rest of my life.

But if any of you have tried something like this, I'd be curious to hear your experience.

on 10/23/20 6:05 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I absolutely have found through personal experience that every factor she mentions that affect body set point are true.

I approached the food intake changes I would have to meet after WLS through the background experience of lifelong dieting and regular strenuous exercise but also very frustrating binging and purging.

My body's set point pre WLS was in the 170-180s with daily multiple mile walks or long rollerblades or even run/walking.

If I ran ten miles a day for MONTHS and ate a strict low-fat protein centered diet I could get down to the forties or even a little less ... but it took EXHAUSTING effort and discipline to maintain and as result I would get down- audition, work a project or two and then regain.

I did notice that every time I dieted my body seemed even more prone to gaining weight- logical since a diet is starvation.

And most frustratingly I would binge and then purge which is the LAST thing I wanted to be doing. So I kind of made my peace with being " plump" and continued to exercise and eat right ( but all I wanted ****il I got diabetes 2 and then I actively pursued WLS.

I haven't actually dieted AT ALL since I had my RNY. ( but I do eat a very low-fat and low sugar and a high fresh vegetable, fruit and fiber diet every day- unless I'm eating out )

I try to exercise every day as well which I'm convinced truly speeds up my metabolism, allowing me to eat without worrying about the calories .

I can't help but notice a marked difference between what many RNYers post on the daily thread and my personal food choices and amounts . I feel I would STARVE on what many RNYers get by on... so maybe all those years of muscle-building exercise , vitamin and enzyme and healthy bacteria intake actually DID work.

One easy change anyone can make to speed up their metabolism is changing from coffee to tea which contains 13 I believe synergistic theobromine compounds that not only wake you up by providing caffeine but unlike coffee .. work synergistically together much longer to KEEP you up and your metabolism speeded up.

Coffee gives you a high and a crash ... which means for most people more coffee ( with fattening creamer often ) through the day which translates to a lot more calories and more feeling tired and so less movement.

There have been studies that " proved" that tea drinkers weigh 10-15 lbs less than coffee drinkers on the " same diet " .. who knows - try it and tell us if it works please !

Another thing to try is to optimize your gut bacteria with live probiotics whether in the form of refrigerated capsules from the vitamin store or just Siggis drinkable or eatable yogurt. Most commercially sold yogurts are pasteurized and DO NOT contain live cultures ... so they won't help.

Fresh veggies and raw food contain enzymes that reduce fattening inflammation and speed up digestion.

Please tell us what works for you !

on 10/23/20 6:07 am
RNY on 01/01/14