Did you lose much weight the first two weeks?

on 10/22/20 4:09 pm

I'm trying to get a handle on my expectations with just having had the sleeve on the 15th of this month. Did you start to lose right away? How soon before you noticed a significant change?


on 10/22/20 4:44 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

I think the first week was spent peeing out the IV fluids they pumped me full of in hopsital. The second week I started to see the actual weight loss. It's common to experience a stall about week 3; this typically lasts about a week. In fact, it's common and normal to have periodic stalls in your weight loss, but the famous "week 3 stall" is usually the most frustrating.

on 10/23/20 11:50 am

This is helpful information, especially coming from the person who lived it, thank you! I'm not quite there yet, but certainly feel more mentally prepared due to your response. I will work hard to not freak out in another two weeks or so if I experience a stall. You're really right about the fluids! Wow, mucho bathroom trips but they have leveled off a bit now. Thanks very much!


on 10/23/20 10:27 am

In this race the turtle beats the rabbit over 12 to 18 months. I barely lost anything the first few weeks but down 150lbs after a year.

on 10/23/20 11:53 am

Jmm4321, thanks for this. I always kinda side with the turtle anyway, so I can live with that. The path to better health doesn't have to be speedy, just solid and I'm prepared for that. Thanks for sharing, 150lbs is a real accomplishment!


on 11/5/20 12:01 am, edited 11/9/20 4:07 pm

Not much, but I hope it will get better soon. What do you think about some weight loss aids? Do you think they are good and working? I would like to get some from Canadian Pharmacy soon, and I need your tips and experience. Thank you in advance for all the replies here :)