Getting Really Nervous Plastics Coming up in less than 3 weeks

on 10/29/20 9:53 am
VSG on 12/11/17

Hey Guys,

I am getting nervous and I am sure there's people on here who have been through this process. I have my 3rd round of plastics coming up and I am starting to get nervous. After 2 rounds that weren't done properly, with issues and dealing with severe body dysmorphia I am tackling this all over again. I finally built up the courage to do it but with Covid and just overall nerves I am starting to feel a bit anxious. Anyone have any ideas or advice on what I can do as I prep? I have been very cautious of my diet, excercise, getting in my vitamins and protein. Now I just have all the Pre-Op to do. Any words of wisdom or positivity is appreciated. Spread Kindness Like Glitter Lezette Christine Mua

on 10/31/20 6:46 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I would exercise as much as possible to help fast scarless healing and to help the surgeon to more easily differentiate between muscle tissue and fat/excess skin to be removed.

I personally would try to only eat protein and veggies during these three weeks to get as lean as possible to get the best results.

i envy you ! I'm not in a position to get surgery right now but I sure wish I could !

on 11/1/20 8:09 pm
VSG on 12/11/17

Awe Thank you so much, I am definitely eating as lean as possible Protein and veggies are pretty much all I eat anyway but I am being extra strict and definitely getting in all the excercise I can Thank you so much :)

on 11/2/20 7:51 am

I am just starting out on my journey so have not had plastic surgery. I understand being nervous though especially with Covid in the midst but the hospitals are extra cautious at this time and a safer place then the grocery stores etc.

I hope everything goes great for you!

on 11/16/20 8:00 am
VSG on 12/11/17

Thank you so much!

on 11/3/20 10:42 am

How fun!!! I hope you aren't going to the same surgeon? were your first procedures botched?

Blessings for recovery and comfort during this process. I only wish I can get to a point where I can afford plastics! You are BEAUTIFUL and I hope this procedure brings you closer to your goals, both mentally and physically

on 11/16/20 8:00 am
VSG on 12/11/17

Thank you so much! Yes my 1st procedures were botched and I am definitely not going to the same surgeon. I too hope it brings me closer to my goals and I hope that you will be able to be blessed with the means to get yours one day as well. Spread Kindness Like Glitter!

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