How I feel about "Eat Less, Move More"

on 11/5/20 11:24 am

I really hate this statement, because it is not the same for everyone. Why are we looked down upon for getting the help we need, even if it's surgical intervention that is considered medically necessary

White Dove
on 11/5/20 11:33 am

Because that is the society we live in. I don't bother educating people. When they tell me that I took the easy way out, I tend to agree with them. I tell them that it is easy when you have no hunger, and a few bites makes you feel full. There are so many people that need the surgery and do not get it due to their own ignorance and the ignorance of others.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 11/6/20 11:09 am

I feel like I get this a lot from some of my friends. Trying to do the best I can. I am excited that my surgery was approved, and I have chosen to stay quiet about it since I told (some of) them my initial request was denied.

on 11/6/20 1:14 pm

Moving more always makes me more hungry. It feels better to move but unless you're running marathons it doesn't mean you'll weigh less.

on 11/9/20 8:12 am

Very profound post!

on 11/20/20 2:22 am

Yeah, it is not easy, it is a really hard work...