What's for Thanksgiving?

on 11/9/20 11:39 am

Hello everyone! I'm wondering what you all are planning for Thanksgiving? Do you have a traditional recipe that is not too unhealthy for us post ops and you can serve to non-patients and they won't think you're putting them on a diet? I appreciate your responses!


on 11/9/20 6:21 pm - CA

There's really nothing terrible about a typical Thanksgiving dinner, other than the volume. Can you/will you be able to have meat at that point (you will be five or so weeks out by then)? Dark meat poultry is often better than white meat early on, as it tends to be moister and goes down more easily. Likewise, a bit of gravy (aka "meat lube") can also be helpful. A little sweet potato isn't a bad thing (a great source of Potassium!) though you may want to fork ma**** up a bit (mashed potatoes, often with some protein powder, is often on the soft food menu with many programs). The veg may or may not go well with you - the more well cooked the better as far is tolerance usually. The dressing may or may not go well with you, but a bit of two with the meat should be OK. Even the pumpkin pie - the worst part is the crust, but the filling has viable nutrition in it, even if it might be on the sweet side.

Most of the things that we traditionally have should be workable in the small amounts that we are typically having, so we really don't have to go to great effort to make something overly odd just for it to be "healthy" or "bariatric friendly". For a one time deal it's nothing that is going to put you off your program.

Bon Appetite!

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on 11/10/20 9:28 am

califsleevin, this all makes sense, thanks. I plan to use my china for the special occasion, so my plate will be the salad plate that we use for the younger children who might be there. Looks like the other plates, just holds a good deal less food. I make a creamed corn, so that will be made with low fat half n half as opposed to heavy cream that the recipe calls for, and will replace the sugar with a low cal sweetener. Other items I'm going to work to make healthier overall, but it hardly affects the flavor. Gravy is a good suggestion as the "lube" for sure. I'll stick to dark meat in tiny bites to start. My plan says I'll be able to have it, but it won't be the main focus on my plate. I'm adding unflavored protein powder to the gravy and the stuffing. I wish all of you the very best of holidays!


on 11/10/20 5:41 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I agree with the poster above. Although I was six months out when I had my first post-op Thanksgiving, so I had fewer food restrictions than someone a few weeks out of surgery.

I focused on the turkey (with a little gravy for moisture) and the non-starchy vegetables. I had maybe a tablespoon of dressing/stuffing and sweet potato casserole. For dessert, I brought my own container of pumpkin yogurt, which honestly I liked just as well as pumpkin pie.

on 11/10/20 9:32 am

catwoman7, I will be about 6 weeks out, but I'm not pushing my luck! I will avoid anything too sweet. Someone else is bringing pie, so I don't have much control over that, so just skipping it. A fruit cup will satisfy me just fine. Thank you for your suggestions, and Happy Holidays once we get there!


Janet P.
on 11/10/20 11:20 am

Everything I had before WLS but in moderation. If you're early out, make modifications to your plate. If you want pie, have one or two bites. You want stuffing, have a spoonful. I believe in not depriving yourself especially with holiday celebrations.

Plan ahead.

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