Cooking for family after surgery

on 11/10/20 10:16 am

Wondering how to handle cooking for my family after surgery when I can't eat the very foods they like and enjoy as I used to.

on 11/10/20 11:18 am
RNY on 08/21/20

I have started cooking again as well and when I do, I cook the proteins separate and then take mine out and serve everyone else or let them get their own dishes. We used to make one pot/skillet/crockpot meals, and I'll get mine first and then let them mix everything together or don't add the pasta/rice/noodles.

on 11/11/20 8:53 am

Thanks for your input!

on 11/11/20 5:28 am
RNY on 06/03/15

the first few weeks I had to make totally different things for myself and my husband (although I didn't really cook much for myself because I was eating things like Greek yogurt, hummus, and in the soft food stage, tuna), but after that, I cooked the same things. We had the same protein and non-starchy vegetables (although I'd give him more of it), and in addition, I'd give him something like a potato, rice, or whatever...

on 11/11/20 8:58 am

Thank you for sharing. I'm hoping the adjustments will be easier as time goes by.