Bat Wing Exercises

on 11/16/20 3:35 pm

So I know loose skin is kind of inevitable with as much weight as I need to lose, but what are your go-to exercises for lessening the appearance of the dreaded bat wings??

on 11/16/20 4:01 pm - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

You can do the first 4 at home, assuming no gyms are open. With dumbbells, weights, or even a jug of milk or icetea.


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on 11/17/20 3:48 pm

ooh, those seem pretty easy! Thank you!

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RNY on 01/01/14

Its a very difficult spot to tighten loose skin unfortunately.

I'm an apple shape so my arms and upper torso were always disproportionately large compared to the rest of me ... so I ended up needing and getting the batwing surgery ( with liposuction to remove the empty fat cells) about 4 years ago which was very successful.

Today I might try skin tightening through fat freezing or laser first .

The batwing surgery scars are permanent but VERY flat so they can easily be made invisible with a thin line of foundation. But the difference in color still shows - the rest of my arm is tan and the stitch line remains white !

Exercise for that area - I recommend swimming .

It tones not just the arm area but gives you much better posture and back flexibility - its practically impossible to injure yourself and you burn a TON of calories .

Swimming also works the back and side muscles and abdominal muscles you didn't even know you had lol! It basically gives you a great body quick

on 11/17/20 3:49 pm

I wish I had a pool to use! I will keep these recommendations in mind! Thank you!

Janet P.
on 11/17/20 9:31 am

Skin loses its elasticity the longer you're obese. If you're young and haven't been obese your whole life, there's a small chance some of the skin will bounce back. If not, well there's really nothing you can do except go see a plastic surgeon.

But you can definitely tighten the muscles under the skin to make the skin appear more taut. Biceps, triceps, shoulders if you're using free weights. Anything that works your shoulders helps too. Even back and check will help your arms.

I have been bad about working out for the past few years and I literally just bought 5-pound hand weights the other day to start working my arms and upper body!!

Good luck.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 11/17/20 3:50 pm

I am thinking I am going to be adding those things to my Christmas list! Good luck to you!

on 11/18/20 8:27 am
RNY on 04/15/19

Swimming helped me but I still have some issues with the excess skin.

on 1/28/21 1:26 pm

I wish I had access to a pool!

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Take it from me, Batwingsman, nothing helps but PS .. I have been doing daily isometric exercises (using the body's own resistance, natural objects and IE gizmos) for many years now, and still, even though I'm no "mesomorph", when the shirt comes off, the bat wings flyyyyy ...

Frank talk about the DS / "All I ever wanted to be was thin, like that Rolling Stones dude ... "

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