Robotic Approach - Anyone Have Experience?

on 11/17/20 7:33 am

Hi everyone, I posted this in the NJ forum but there's not much going on in there. I was just cleared for a Sleeve Gastrectomy here in NJ and chose a doctor I feel really good about and came highly recommended. He provided me a robot approach to the procedure which I've heard about but haven't done a lot of homework on it. Does anyone any input or recommendations on a robotic approach to the procedure? Below is a link to some information he had provided me. Thanks in advance to any and all!

on 11/17/20 12:48 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Some surgeons like using the robot; some surgeons don't. My surgeon said he likes using the robot for surgery on the lower abdomen, but finds it less useful for the upper abdomen. But I got the impression that it's just personal preference.

Every skilled craftsman has their preferred set of tools. The way I think about it, it doesn't really matter whether the surgeon uses the robot or not. The important thing is the skill of the surgeon.

on 11/18/20 5:51 pm

I think he is referring to laparoscopic surgery which most of us had, and generally uses the Davinci robot to assist surgeons hands on the process. I tried this out at John's Hopkins's which pioneered the machine. I pretty cool and I can't imagine not using it.