Going it alone!

on 11/19/20 8:21 am

Looks like I will be going it alone after my surgery. Things didn't work out between my boyfriend and I and he wasn't being supportive anyway. I am not sure what to expect since I live by myself. I hope I am able to get around ok and take care of me. That's a worry. Anyone else been in the same boat?

on 11/19/20 8:56 am
RNY on 02/14/18

You shouldn't have any issues but you can't drive if you take pain killers so have somone drive you home from the hospital. For her than that the only accommodation I made due to being a singleton was to make sure my weeks worth of post op Gatorade was on the counter versus in a cabinet. My sister flew in and drove me to and from the hospital and then flew home the next day, she didn't like my "I'll just Uber to and from" plan.

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on 11/19/20 11:31 am

You are so lucky your sister was able to be there even if just for a short time. I wouldn't dare Uber for the ride home. I am going to have to figure something out. I have cats so hopefully they will cooperate with me. Good thinking to keep the liquids where you don't have to reach for them. I will do the same with the cat food.

on 11/19/20 11:59 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Yes, my sister is amazing. If you can't find someone to drive you, you might check care.com - I've never used them but I know people that have.

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on 11/30/20 6:30 am

Thanks for the Care link. I will check them out today.

on 11/19/20 11:21 am
RNY on 04/15/19

Not in the same boat but my recovery was fairly easy and you should be ok. After the surgery, they make sure you can walk ok etc. before you can go home.

on 11/19/20 1:25 pm, edited 11/19/20 5:25 am
VSG on 06/11/18

I was on my own too. They kept me in hospital for 4 nights because Irish surgeons tend to keep people longer. It was part of the package, and insurance paid for everything, so I didn't complain. I would have been fine on my own starting from about 12 hours after surgery. Do mention to your surgeon that you will be on your own. They might want to keep you a few hours longer, just to be on the safe side.

You're unlikely to need someone to stay with you, but it would be best if there's someone you can call who could pick up a prescription for you, or something like that, if you need it. You might be shy about asking, but any decent person would be more than happy to help, even a neighbour you barely know.

on 11/30/20 6:37 am

Thank you for letting me know of your experience going it alone. I will let my surgeon know of my situation for sure. I see him this week. The longer they keep me the better if my insurance covers it all but I won't push to stay in the hospital. I am sure after one day I will be begging to go home anyways. I do have a neighbor that I know will help if I ask. I wouldn't ask her to drive me there or pick me up as she works during the week and has school aged children to take care of.

Janet P.
on 11/20/20 9:15 am

I had a very good friend be my "surgery" buddy - she was there the day of my surgery. My sister came from out of town on the day I was being discharged and she stayed with me for about a week. I got around at home just fine - it actually was better to get up and move around.

Just can't drive for a while so you'll need to make accommodations.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 11/30/20 7:21 am

You hit the jackpot when it comes to support! I will be sure to be stocked up on necessities so that I don't have to try and drive until my follow up appointment. Now that I think of it, I can get my meds sent through 2-day or next day mail.