Medical support belt?

on 12/21/20 8:24 am

Have my sleeve surgery scheduled for 31st. Aunt had a rny almost 30 years ago and said I should get a medical support belt. I asked my surgeon and he said it's not needed. What is everyone's experience with or without them.

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RNY on 06/03/15

she would have had open RNY (as opposed to laproscopic) if she had it 30 years ago, which is a much more invasive surgery with much larger incisions. It's not really necessary these days since almost all weight loss surgeries are now done laproscopically, so you'll have 4 or 5 very tiny incisions. Some people find binders comfortable, though. I would say most of us didn't need or want them, though.

I did have an abdominal binder when I had my lower body left (plastic surgery), but I had huge, long incisions for that - plus they would have cut through fascia and (maybe?) muscle. So it was much more extensive. My RNY incisions were really small holes that I can't even see anymore.

on 12/21/20 12:24 pm
RNY on 01/01/14

I wore a LOT of binders 6 weeks plus after my plastic surgeries ( of course I purchased changes ) .


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My scars R barely visible as a result

on 12/21/20 1:33 pm

Ok so only for the plastic surgery not the initial bariatric

White Dove
on 12/22/20 5:25 pm

i wore a binder after my laparoscopic RNY and found it gave a lot of support to my back during the first few weeks. I had my RNY in 2007 and they were debatable then. Some surgeons thought they were necessary and some did not. I think it cost about $25 and my insurance ended up paying for it. If you end up with back pain after the surgery, you will be glad you had it.

It is a lightweight Velcro binder. It helps with pain and swelling. After tummytuck I wore a compression girdle. Something like this one. My plastic surgeon required me to buy it before he operated.

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