How was everyone's Holiday?

on 12/28/20 10:14 am

What were your favorite parts and what parts could you have done without?

My favorite part was I got to see my family from afar (vs not at all) in a socially distant holiday luncheon outside. I was happy we were able to have a small get together and what not

The art I could have done without is the dang masks (though I know they are used for my/our prtectino) I just hate wearing them.

on 12/28/20 10:43 am

Mine went well. We did the same with my parents and my siblings. That is all. We didn't want to have a big gathering so we kept it small and had a computer outside so we could see other family members via zoom. It was weird only having bone broth for my Christmas dinner but worth it since I know I am still healing. I wanted mashed potatoes for like 2 seconds and then got nausous so I didn't risk anything and stuck to my broths and stayed as far away from the food tables as possible.

Melody P.
on 12/28/20 11:30 am - TX

The parts I could do without...nothing under the tree this year for me(feelings hurt) and an issue with the diabetic retinopathy in my right eye. Made for the worst Christmas in a long time. Everything just seems compounded I guess.

favorite parts are that it's over LOL. Not to sound like a Scrooge but I'm ready for the house to get back to normal. For my chair to be back in it's regular spot! Haha. Another favorite is getting over the hurt feelings. Talking it over with my mom and hopefully this coming year will be better than 2020!

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on 12/28/20 6:32 pm
RNY on 04/15/19

I know it may not be comforting but this year I have heard the same from so many of my family and friends. Christmas cards and gifts usually sent were not sent at all because of the fear of Covid. I hope 2021 will be a better year for all of us.

on 12/28/20 6:36 pm
RNY on 04/15/19

It is nice that you were able to spend time with family.

on 12/29/20 5:47 pm

It was a different kind of Christmas here. Thankful for face time and looking forward to putting 2020 behind me.

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