Have people treated you different since you lost weight?

on 1/29/21 2:10 pm

Was browsing online today and saw a USMagazine article stating that Rebel Wilson says people treat her differently since she's lost weight.

I've been pretty much in doors so no one has really "seen" my weight loss" I don't post many photos online but wanted to know if people treat you or treated you differently since losing weight? Those that have regain, do you still see the change in how you are treated?

on 1/29/21 2:56 pm - TN
VSG on 09/28/15

People have treated me way different since my weight loss. I always felt like a 376 pound invisible woman. After losing the weight people smiled at me more and did things like opened doors etc. Its sad how poorly most people treat others just because of their body size.

Had VSG on 9/28/15

Lost 161 lbs since surgery, LOST 221 lbs overall so far!!

on 1/29/21 3:46 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

^^^ same!

on 1/30/21 1:41 pm, edited 2/3/21 6:13 am

My sister lost weight and now her friends are really surprised and impressed. She is so self-confident and she's always happy so yeah, a lot of people treat her better because she became to behave better and she's more open now. She was prescribed to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, eat healthy food. She loves pepsi but she doesn't drink it anymore and she replaced that with dalgona matcha latte, she prepares it by herself, she found a recipe here https://inshape.blog/healthy-food/dalgona-matcha/ that is rich in nutrients and it's very useful for weight loss. Compared to the regular green tea, matcha offers a more expensive premium experience, though

on 1/31/21 8:17 pm

Yes is probably true for just about everyone.

A much bigger mind bender is do you treat yourself differently, and would you treat yourself differently if you had a different wls procedure and lost more or less weight. I expected to lose weight with a lap band surgery with a goal weight of about 200lbs. Then before the surgery I opted for a SADi DS and became extremely thin (135lbs prior to some regain). I never wanted to be that thin and did not identify myself that way. Eventually I grew into it, and am happy to express disgust with designer clothes that are designed "way to fat" for me.

I identify as a really thin guy now, and I know I'm usually the skinny person in the room who happens to eat a lot. It's not good or bad but it's a much different view of myself than I ever expected pre wls.

on 2/1/21 8:24 am

My family members don't treat me any different. They have seen my weight loss in stages but friends I have not seen in awhile do a double take if I say hello. They don't know who I am at first but of course I am wearing a mask.

on 2/1/21 12:27 pm

I am treated much better, respected more, smiled at more, etc.

Some of that is a change within me. I'm a lot more confident, and the lack of confidence at my former size definitely contributed to me being perhaps a bit unapproachable or off-putting. However, I still feel a lot of it is just the actual size difference. I'm happier this way, but it's upsetting how much of a difference there is (when there shouldn't be).

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