What's something that is true about you that shocks people?

on 2/9/21 11:31 am - Victorville, CA

For me, it's that I used to weigh 345 pounds and I still consider myself to have an eating disorder. I am still addicted to food

It's a constant struggle because I see my unhealthy tendencies creeping back but I am doing everything in my power to fight back.

I don't have a lot of friends in my "inner circle" who can relate to my struggles with weight, but I do have friends who have had WLS and understand.

on 2/9/21 3:27 pm
RNY on 04/15/19

I so understand your struggles. (hugs!) For me, and I don't bring it up often, it is that I invented a product that took off for awhile but now is not relevant. I won't name the product for privacy reasons.

on 2/11/21 1:04 am

No one really knows that I have diabetes and that's why they think that I'm addicted to food. In fact I don't eat that much.

on 2/11/21 5:47 am

I've seen things that people say or think don't exist.

on 2/14/21 2:25 am

When they realize I don't eat these minuscule portions and not this low-carb-lean-protein-diet and don't need to live in the gym to maintain my weight.

on 2/15/21 10:32 am - Victorville, CA

Sometimes I feel like I can eat a lot and others, not so much... I just put it on my plate (just so I don't get a comment) and if I am hungry, I am hungry...

on 2/19/21 10:56 pm

Me, too. I wonder how some users on here can subsist on the portions they eat. How can you not continue losing weight until you're very underweight eating 1000 kcal a day? After all many patients claim not even eating enough calories to cover their BMR.

How can that be? Making mistakes measuring and/or counting calories? Serious question. I just don't get it.

on 2/20/21 6:47 am, edited 2/19/21 10:59 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

that could be (measuring or calorie-counting issues). Or seriously messed up metabolism (??). Anyway, I've often wondered that myself. I'll lose weight if I eat 1500 calories - which is fortunate, since my doctor told me not to drop below that - it's hard to get in all your nutrients on much less than that.

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