Scheduling Meals?

on 2/11/21 6:14 am

Just wondering if others schedule their meal and snack times and try to eat at the same time everyday. I have never done this and eat at all different times of the day but was thinking that it might be helpful to actually eat at the same times daily? Maybe that would help keep me from just randomly grabbing what is convenient. Another thing I want to do this year is plan what I am going to eat each day and stick to it. 2021 goals!

Citizen Kim
on 2/11/21 12:47 pm - Castle Rock, CO

I think this is a great idea.

My meal planning drives my partner nuts, but he's lost and maintained a 50lb loss since I met him 9 years ago!

I really find it stops us eating "quick, grab & go" calories.

I also log EVERYTHING in MyFitnessPal, which helps me make good decisions. When I find out how many calories etc are in some foods, it gives me pause and I'll often make a better, healthier choice

I say go for it!

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on 2/13/21 11:13 am

I am going to do this! So great that your loved one has maintained his weight loss too.

on 2/12/21 10:19 am - Victorville, CA

I typically try and eat at the same times every day, and if I am super hungry, I will make time for a protein snack. BUT, I was always tod to eat when you are hungry and when I first started out, I was never hungry... now my hunger has come back with a vengance so I HAVE to be vigilant of what is head hunger and real hunger. Prepping ahead of time helps me too.

on 2/13/21 11:30 am

Thank you Lauren! Sounds like I need to schedule my meals and snacks too and prepare meals in advance. Making a grocery list today and shopping tomorrow. I feel good about starting to take control of my eating habits. Do you freeze meals to heat up later? I am not the most creative person when it comes to that! And to top it off, our freezer just gave out after 22 years so I have no freezer except for the small one in the refridgerator and I was shocked to learn that Home Depot and our favorite local appliance store are having problems getting freezers shipped due to Covid?????

on 2/15/21 10:37 am - Victorville, CA

for Dinners, Yes, I can put together (Prep, Chop, Mix, Marinate) my uncooked meals and put them in the freezer with a label of the date and what it is... then I play dinner roulette and pull something out when my husband and I can't think of anything.

Yeah, everywhere is having issues with larger appliances... our washer went out right around thanksgiving and I went to 3-4 stores before I found a home appliance store that had one in stock. Good luck!

But, if you arent prepping meals ahead of time to freeze, it can still be done for 3-4 days and just put into the fridge... you just HAVE to cook them. Start with your protein, and add spices/seasonings, marinades) then veggies can be easily added the day of. We don't usually do starches but if we do, it's for the kiddos.

How was your shopping trip? Feel free to post any questions, I am happy to provide ideas for you! I love cooking!

on 3/1/21 8:17 am

Love that dinner roulette!

I honestly had no idea about the shortage in being able to get appliances. We did finally find one that was still in the box on the floor and hidden behind a display model that was a restaurant freezer. We got lucky because one of the guys that moves the appliances and delivers them overheard us talking to the saleswoman and told us about it. She had no idea it was there. We scooped it right up and it was delivered the same day. Whew!

My shopping trip went great. I need to get better storage containers though. The smaller, flat kind where you can separate the portions in different pockets.

Thanks for all of your tips!

Janet P.
on 2/16/21 5:18 am

You should do anything that you feel helps. I'm simply a creature of habit so I schedule everything (it's also part of my type A personality). I'm also single so that makes it easy. I also plan my meals especially now in the time of COVID I only go grocery shopping once a week so I definitely do more meal planning than I did pre-COVID (less eating out).

I had the DS and I eat all the time. I "schedule" eating six times a day - three meals, mid morning and mid afternoon snacks, and usually something in the evening a couple of hours before bed. I still wake up hungry. The snacks aren't as structured as my meals but I'm always eating ;)

Janet in Leesburg
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on 3/1/21 8:21 am

Thanks Janet. I only go out once a week too so planning meals just makes sense.

on 2/18/21 4:46 am, edited 2/17/21 8:53 pm
DS on 08/13/18

I try to plan my meals very precisely with MyFitnessPal 3-4 days in advance, at least during the week. In other words, I don't log my meals into MyFitnessPal after I eat, I already have them logged in advance and eat according to the log. This has seemed to work quite well for me and I've gotten used to it, and have been able to stay more consistent in what I eat. I tend to eat at the same times every day - shortly after I wake up, a lunch around 2-3pm and I eat later in the evening than most so I don't go to bed famished. I'll even pre-schedule my "snacks" and I'll eat those if I feel like it, or delete them from my MyFitnessPal food diary if I don't.

If I get those pesky "hunger pains" during times I'm not "scheduled" to eat, I've learned that it's probably "head-hunger" and I just ignore it, as the desire to eat will soon pass. I may indulge in a crystal light or a few spears of "zero-calorie" pickles to tide me over.

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