My struggles - 1 week post op

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RNY on 02/23/21

Let me start with the basic struggles:

?Staying hydrated is hard. I'm a big water drinker and I have been for a while, but the amount of water you need to drink feels so much like a chore. And since I'm not eating much yet, it's hard to keep up with drinking water. Pedialyte and Powerade have been my saviors.

?I haven't pooped yet. I'm not sure it's that I'm constipated, but more like I have nothing to digest. This is kinda a struggle considering tomorrow I'll be able to eat cheese, which might make it more of a problem! Do you recommend laxatives or just waiting it out?

?I'm tired ALL THE TIME! I slept for probably 15 hours yesterday total, including my nap. This makes it hard to keep up with school work which I'm now getting back into.

Now onto my more personal struggle:

?I never lost a big amount of weight before. I've lost about 30lbs since the start of my liver diet. I'm staring to notice myself getting smaller, but it's hard to focus on it when I know I still have a lot to go.

?Recently I was fat shamed online. I'm really feeling the judgement for going this route. It was basically my only option, but facing judgement is still difficult to go through.

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RNY on 06/03/15

it's common to not have a BM for up to a week or so after surgery. There's not much in there. But that first one can sometimes be a doozy, so you may want to start taking stool softeners.

being tired is pretty common the first few weeks after surgery. Surgery is traumatic to your body - plus on top of that, you're taking in very few calories those first few weeks. Just keep on top of your protein and fluids - your body really needs those right now.

being fat-shamed is something i suspect most of us on here can relate to. Sorry that happened to you.

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RNY on 02/23/21

Constipated I would take a stool softener.

I have been using popsicles to keep me hydrated.

What I have noticed is to walk is very gives you energy and it will also help with constipation.

This is my only first week and three days but I am experiencing some of the same things. Good Luck!

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VSG on 06/11/18

Hydration: I know it's hard now, but it does get easier.

Constipation: If you haven't had that first poop after surgery, I'd take swift action. Otherwise that first poop will be very dry, big, and painful to pass. I assume your medical team prescribed stool softeners. If not, ask them what you should take. I wouldn't recommend taking a laxative this early on without medical advice. In any case, stool softeners and laxatives need fluids to do their job. So do whatever you need to do to get enough fluids! (Now that I understand the importance of hydration, I can often cure my constipation simply by drinking more water. Cold water in particular helps me.)

Tired: Perfectly normal to be sleeping much of the day at this point. Don't fight it. Can you get an extension on some assignments, take a leave of absence or take an incomplete on some of your classes? Talk to your teachers about this. You don't need to be specific; just tell them that you're recovering from surgery. They don't need to know the details. And don't underestimate how long it will take to get your strength back. Based on my experience, I would ask for a 1 month extension.

One big difference between WLS and all the diets you probably tried in the past is that your body is now working with you instead of fighting you to hold onto every pound. If you follow your meal plan, you will lose weight. Over the next few weeks you will start to see this and believe! In the meantime, focus on healing and following your plan, not how far you have to go.

I'm so sorry you were fat-shamed. My medical team was so supportive and understanding, and through their education I realised that my weight was mostly not my fault. As I started to lose weight, I realised why I failed at dieting. I need to stick to 800-900 calories to lose weight at a decent rate. How long could anyone stick to a diet that restrictive without some help? Especially when I wasn't seeing results for my efforts. When I realised this, I forgave myself. I think you will come to a similar realisation and forgive yourself.

Also, it's very normal to be depressed after any operation (or illness). That may also be affecting you. It should get better in a few days.

In the meantime, we're here to help. We understand. We've been through it. You will succeed! I lost all of my excess weight and am now a normal BMI.

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VSG on 06/11/18

Also, regarding school. Don't wait until you're falling behind to ask for an extension, etc. People (teachers, bosses, etc.) are much more understanding if you tell them ahead of time that you might need some leeway. Also, you'll be less stressed!

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RNY on 03/24/21


you are doing great since you have lost some weight. Remember it is the journey that is important. As your body heals you will have more energy. Try to focus on the positive step you have taken to make yourself healthy.

talk to your surgeon about the constipation/no BM. It can take upwards of 7 days before having a stool. My surgeon recommended stool softeners and fiber (once you can have).

As far as the fat shaming find other people around you who support you during this journey . Those who have negative things to say are not your friends if they are trying to bring you down .

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I am skinny and loving every minute of it. I still can't walk by a full length mirror without checking myself out and I'm more than a year post-op. As I'm enjoying my life, doing things I would have never done before, flirting with people I never imagined would find me handsome, I'm honestly not terribly concerned with the people having the idea I somehow cheated by having the surgery.

Whatever I did, I'm in a normal BMI range and feeling/looking my best. They can feel that way, I can live with it as I have probably added several years to my life and made the years I do have exponentially more enjoyable. The older I get, the less I care. You can't win them all and there will always be the negative feedback out there no matter what choice you make about pretty much anything in life.

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Hey my friend! First don't be so hard on yourself you're gonna do great!!(: It takes time for your body to adjust. I to struggled in the beginning with fluid intake and constipation. What works for me is I have a warm beverage in the a.m. with benifiber. It did not work instantly it took time. To start I would take stool softeners and magnesium in the p.m. I am 6mo post and just finally getting regular. Your body is going thru a big change but it is a great change! You'll feel better snd better as time goes on. Oh and the fluid thing?! That to will take time, I'm still not up to all the liquid. But just like with the BM issue you'll figure out what works for you. Hang in there you're success in the making!!

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RNY on 02/08/21

Hi: Congrats on your surgery. I'm a newbie, too, (RNY 2/8/21) but I also struggle with constipation. Before surgery, I had talked to the bariatric nurse about it but they had a wait and see suggestion. Some people end up with diarrhea b/c of the liquid diet and some people are constipated. After 5 days of no BM, I called and spoke with one of the bariatric nurses, and she had me start a stool softener and to add Miralax daily to that. After 2 more days and no results, they had me use a suppository.

So I think your best starting place is with the bariatric nurses at your surgeon's office so they can give you a protocol to follow. I continue with constipation, but we have worked out a working plan so I don't not go more than 3 days. I feel crummy otherwise. Monday I start adding a small amount of veg or fruit each meal so that might help a bit.

Good luck!

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