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RNY on 02/23/21

I had a stall start a little less than 2 weeks post op, I'm now 3 weeks and I STILL HAVENT LOST ANYTHING ELSE! It's so frustrating to me because I'll weigh myself and think I'm back to dropping, but the next day I'll be back to my stall weight, or the next day I'll even be a little above my stall weight. What am I doing wrong, shouldn't my stall be over by now?

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Stalls are very common. If you search 3 week stall you will find a lot of information about it. You need to stop driving yourself crazy with weighing every day. Everyone loses at a different pace and some people lose like stair steps, nothing for a week or two and then bam down a few pounds.

Follow your plan and you will be fine.

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Experiencing a three week stall is very common. LadyGodiva gave good advice.

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RNY on 06/03/15

almost everyone has their first stall sometime during the first month post-op. As others have said, we even have a name for it (the "three-week stall" - although it's not ALWAYS the third week). Mine was weeks 2 & 3. During week 4, my weight loss started up again, and I lost 6-8 lbs within a couple of days. Just stick to your plan and your weight loss WILL start up again. Stay off the scale for a few days if you have to, and trust the process. Almost all of us have been there...

on 3/17/21 12:22 pm

Stalls are common and they can happen at any time and there is no set time frame of when they break. The best thing to do is to continue to stick to your post op diet, incorporate some exercise/movement and focus on that for now. Fluctuations in weight can happen due to many reasons and obsessing over them only makes it harder for you to see the positive strides you are making. I did have a stall early on and I remember thinking that the surgery didn't work. I, in fact, had about 2 mos of no weight loss and I was devastated thinking I failed. My surgeon was quick to reassure me that my body is doing what is natural and quit trying to control it and as long as I followed my dietary guidelines I would lose. He was right, after that stall I actually dropped 26 lbs over the next two months. Hang in there!

on 3/18/21 6:55 am

Please don't worry. A stall is normal. Stick to the plans and guidelines set by your doctors program and you will be ok.

on 3/22/21 12:19 pm
VSG on 06/20/18

I experienced a stall a few times but the first one bothered me the most because I was on the immediate weight loss train right after my surgery. The weight loss will start again.

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