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Evelyn K.
on 4/20/21 8:19 am - south plainfield, NJ

Hello, I'd like to get some ideas on a good protein drink like Protica I used back then. Zero Cal, 30gm protein, fruity flavors, and came in a vial like tube so it didn't take up much room in my pouch. Protica is out of business so it seems. Had surgery back in 2007. All went well. I started at 250, went down to 150, up to 210 after 1 yr. Down to 165 now. Overall very happy I did it.

on 4/21/21 6:55 am

I like Premier Protein shakes and also Unjury Protein. They are high in protein and taste good. Congratulations on your longterm weight loss success!

Evelyn K.
on 4/22/21 7:02 am - south plainfield, NJ

Thank you for your suggestions, I remember Unjury! It is still in wide use so I'm hearing. That's a good thing. I'll check it out again.

on 4/21/21 9:20 pm - CA

If it is indeed zero calories, then it wasn't 30 g of protein, or any protein at all. Real protein, that with the complete array of amino acids that your body needs costs 4 calories per gram, so anyone claiming less than 120 calories for 30 g of protein is scamming you.

.The closest thing that I have seen around lately that people use is a product called Genepro, which claims something on the order of 60ish calories for what they claim is 30 g of protein "equivalent" - whatever that is.

Protein has some bulk to it, and calories - there's no miracle way around it, but there are lots of scammers out there who would love to lighten your wallet/purse. If there was a miracle way to cram that much protein into a lighter, more compact form than the powders and drinks that we have available, NASA would be all over it, considering the incredible cost per pound to launch anything into space.

Whey isolate is usually considered to be the most absorbable form for us, and there are many products out there that use it. Preferably 100% isolate, but there are many products that use a whey blend or concentrate that has some isolate in it (isolate is more expensive, so they often blend it with cheaper forms to keep the cost down.) My wife and I currently use Optimum Nutrition 100% isolate (available at Costco or Amazon) but other brands such as Unjury are popular, too. Premier is a concentrate based product that is very popular in the WLS world these days if you don't mind a RTD product.

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Evelyn K.
on 4/22/21 5:41 am - south plainfield, NJ

Thank you very much for educating me. I'll check out the Optimum Nutrition 100% isolate at Costco. That was a funny line about Nasa! thanks. Evelyn

on 4/23/21 1:18 pm - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

This is very insightful. Thanks for replying. I myself use Bariatric Advantage Powder and there vitamins. Are you familiar with this brand? If so what are your thoughts?

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on 4/23/21 9:00 pm - CA

I haven't tried that particular one, though I have tried quite a few over the years - get some good ones and some clinkers. AFAIK, they are a legitimate company making a respectable product, though they may charge a bit of a premium for being a "bariatric" product. I did use their chewable calcium tablets when I was early out, as the regular calcium tablets can be such horse pills, but went with regular calcium citrate pills once those were used up and I could handle the bigger pill.

1st support group/seminar - 8/03 (has it been that long?)  

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on 4/26/21 10:29 am, edited 4/26/21 3:31 am

I am a huge fan of Fairlife products. I don't know how you feel about milk, but they are basically just filtering the sugars out of milk. They make it in the form of protein drinks they use quite a bit of artificial sweetener for (so far I have tried and loved the chocolate and salted caramel), but another option is to go to your grocery store and buy the Fairlife milk they sell with the other milk. It's not technically a protein drink, but depending on which kind you get, it comes pretty close to being a pure protein drink. The skim is very low calorie for the protein you get from it, as they only keep some of the sugars that naturally occur in milk. You get 13g of protein for every 80 calorie, 1 cup serving.

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