RNY reversed after 12.5 years. Now needing a new surgery.

on 4/25/21 1:11 pm

In 2004 I had RNY. 287 pounds starting weight. 2016 I was down to 98 pounds and was told I had to have it reversed or die. Soooo surgery was reversed. Since it was reversed I have ballooned to 266. Ugh ???? The doctor that did my original RNY as well as reversal was going to sleeve me when I was healed if I gained. Well, I gained...and need surgery but he has passed away. So now I'm trying to decide what procedure is best as well as looking at a new doctor. Ugh New insurance kicks in May 1.

Anyone else go through anything like this?

White Dove
on 4/25/21 2:49 pm

There are a few people through the years who had multiple procedures. You might find something on the revision board.

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on 4/25/21 3:18 pm


on 4/25/21 6:11 pm

Thanks.. posted on it. ??

on 4/26/21 10:32 am

When you meet with a new surgeon, he or she will offer insights as to what they think would be the best procedure for you to have and perhaps getting a second opinion from another surgeon would be best.

on 5/7/21 4:44 pm

Met with surgeon today. All went great! I have upper GI May 12, psych appointment May 13, and EDG May 25. Then follow up on June 4 to discuss what procedure he thinks is best. Surgery possibly in June.

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