10,000+ steps daily

on 5/3/21 7:50 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

I get my steps in and do weights 3-4 times a week. Should I be doing more cardio? My sister says I should be able to do intense workouts, but im reluctant to do more because I already aim for 13,000 steps or more daily. I'm disappointed I lost 10 pounds in 2 months and was hoping for a bigger loss, plus my family is giving me a vibe of not seeing much progress. I'm not letting it get to me, but it hurts.

on 5/4/21 4:10 am
RNY on 02/14/18

The best workout is the one you'll stick to! If walking (which is cardio) plus weight lifting is working for you and your medical team is not pushing you for anything else, Ignore everyone else's opinion because that's all it is is opinion.

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on 5/4/21 5:38 am

13,000 steps in a day is a lot! Sometimes you just can't go by the scales because you may be losing inches still.

on 5/4/21 5:57 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I agree with the others.

I just wanted to add that, depending on where you are weight-wise now, 10 lbs in two months once you're as far out as you are (nine months post-op) isn't that unusual. Weight loss gradually slows down more and more until it finally stops.

White Dove
on 5/4/21 6:27 am - Warren, OH

While everyone is different, weight loss after surgery follows a pretty predicable pattern. It is "normal" to lose twenty pounds in the first month after surgery. Then ten pounds a month for the next five months. And followed by five pounds a month until the end of the first year. That means a total of 100 pounds lost in one year. For VSG, it is usually closer to eighty pounds lost in the first year. Five pounds a month is what would be pretty "normal" weight loss at your stage.

After the initial weight loss of surgery, additional weight loss has to do with the foods consumed. Exercise helps, but is not the determining factor in continued or maintained weight loss. That is determined by the foods that you eat.

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on 5/4/21 12:24 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

Thanks for the replies. Family can be so critical sometimes, but it's nice to turn to the forum for advice and support. Glad to know I'm doing everything right, I'm somewhat self conscious of my progress because of family.

on 5/7/21 3:14 am
RNY on 09/30/20

You didn't 'only' lose 10lbs in two months..


don't downplay the importance of these wins. Family can be some of the worst at downplaying your achievements for whatever reason. Each pound lost is a pound to celebrate.

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on 5/8/21 3:01 am

It took me a few years to work up to my current routine which I feel like a huge success for achieving. It's about 3k less steps a day than you feel like a failure over.