Post gastric sleeve

on 5/5/21 11:36 am

Hi I am four days postop gastric sleeve. I was wondering if protein shakes that are water-based are allowed for week one after surgery?

on 5/5/21 2:10 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

I used to love premier protein shakes after surgery, but now I can't stand the taste and can only drink breakfast essentials light start. I also like fairlife nutrition plan vanilla and chocolate which both have 30g of protein. When I'm in a funk I sometimes turn to muscle milk chocolate, but it kind of has a different taste.

on 5/5/21 2:36 pm

Thank you

on 5/6/21 10:16 am - CA

I would expect that they would be allowed (why wouldn't they?), but that really comes down to your specific program's instructions. Some don't want you worrying about protein yet, others only want you on clear liquids, others may prefer that you work your way through protein drinks quickly and into real foods, others don't care...

I was having whatever powder mix I was using then mixed with regular milk at that time. But then we were also allowed, soups, yogurts, apple sauce, refries, tuna/chicken salad and mashed potatoes at that time, so program instructions vary widely.

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