What questions should I be asking?

on 5/8/21 4:34 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

My surgeon is leaving to advance in college. Not sure what questions I should be asking other then who I will be seeing and if they do virtual visits. I live 2 hours away from the surgeon/hospital and they recommended I continue visits with my regular doctor/hospital.

on 5/8/21 5:17 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

If it's been 9 months since your surgery, and you don't have any special medical issues or complications, it may be that all you need is occasional consultations with a dietitian, and regular blood tests to make sure you don't develop any nutritional deficiencies. So my questions would be:

  • Are there any special blood tests my doctor should order for me?
  • How long should I continue taking ...? (whatever medications you were prescribed post-surgery, probably a PPI ending in -zole)
  • If I do have a problem or concern with my surgery that's outside of my doctor's expertise, who can I contact?

Unless you've already lost most of the weight you want to lose, it would be good to have someone (a dietitian, probably) that sees you every few months, weighs you, and gives you advice on how to adjust your diet if you have any issues.

Janet P.
on 5/9/21 4:14 am

My guess is they are doing virtual visits (especially in this time of COVID). But in all honesty, do you still think you need your surgeon? Surgeons are really good at one thing - cutting. If you feel you need their dietitian/nutritionist (learning how to eat properly for your type of surgery) that can all be done virtually. Start searching for a primary doctor who is either knowledgable with the VSG (I assume most are these days) or one willing to learn.

Since you don't have any malabsorption its a matter of proper bloodwork (which you should be able to get from your surgeon) once a year and maintaining a healthy diet.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 5/11/21 9:03 am

When surgeons leave a practice they usually have another doctor take over their patients if they are not going to be available.

on 5/13/21 11:31 am - Victorville, CA

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