Nine years post and a million problems

on 6/4/21 7:10 am, edited 6/4/21 7:16 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I really imagined that I banished the lifelong self discipline issues that allowed me to comfort myself with excess food until the extra weight I am wearing now made it undeniable .

Now, many years post op and after my body almost totally normalized itself I?m having to learn actual food discipline. I?m trying to time myself not to eat emotionally comforting bites between meals, to move every day and record ( and cut down ) what I eat .

I never realized how hard this was .

Being relatively young my skin bounced back I felt wonderful and even beautiful but lately I?ve just been so down and frustrated and fearful I could lose everything and that?s made me turn to food and round the clock tv.

Please be so kind as to help with suggestions that worked for you .

It honestly feels IMPOSSIble to get myself and my food cravings and physical laziness under control ... But I want it so much ... Yet I can't do it . Ty (((())))

on 6/4/21 9:05 am
RNY on 02/14/18

This has been a tough year for many and there are a lot working to redevelop good habits. All you can do is start where you are and begin moving forward again. Figure out what the first change you can stick with is snd make that step one and then just keep going!

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White Dove
on 6/6/21 1:42 pm

What helps me is attending Weigh****cher's meetings and following their points plan. Also weighing every day.

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