things I can to do to improve me to walk without use my walker

on 6/4/21 9:16 am
DS on 03/17/19

What are some things I can to do to improve my walking without me use my walker.

on 6/4/21 4:28 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

I am not sure, maybe that's something your doctor's office can recommend? Depending on your situation there may be specific exercises that you could do to improve range of motion, strength and balance but a trainer or a physio would be able to make the best recommendations. Good luck!

on 6/7/21 5:51 am

I was doing some chair exercises for awhile that made me feel a little stronger. You can look for chair exercise videos to follow on youtube if you want to try it, but it is probably better to ask a doctor before starting anything.