Difficulties with excess skin

on 6/5/21 1:29 pm
DS on 03/17/19

Did anyone had difficult with your excess skin, for me since I lost 200 lbs my stomach hangs down to my knees that makes it hard for me to walk and enjoy life

on 6/7/21 5:48 am

You might look into donating you skin. I don't know if they still do it but plastic surgeons use to use donated skin for burn victims.

on 6/11/21 5:21 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I can give you a tiny bit of advice from my own experience over the almost ten years since I lost ( I know ... you're gonna laugh ... " just " eighty lbs thru rny and a ton of daily healthy diet and exercise .

What I personally really like is to turn over my natural skin renewal a little bit faster using a very natural , ancient and proven and good- feeling product ( aspirin actually ) ... 2% Salicylic Acid .

I buy a grapefruit scented acne wash containing the salicylic acid from any drugstore basically and it does wonders to keep my skin firm and healthy and relatively wrinkle free .

Of course for the big stuff you still need skin removal and plastics and lipo.... but it's a real and inexpensive temporary fix.

Your lover will exclaim how incredibly smooth your skin feels ... and little facial imperfections will lessen and disappear over time and not come back . I can't tell you how many times even a cosmetic guru friend has asked me what creams I use to keep my skin so nice . The real answer is I only use sunscreen and a bit of foundation for more coverage in strong sunlight situations . The salicylic acid makes my skin act younger and turn over faster .... kind of like a child's .