Doctor referral help

on 6/20/21 11:49 am


I've asked my doctor for years to send me for a surgery referral I have severe fatty liver, pre diabetic, knee pain, I believe I'm having gallbladder attacks( was sent for tests dr said because of my weight they couldn't see anything) but nothing has been done afterwards. He keeps saying try loosing some weight. I've been yoyo dieting since I was 8. I lose weight once I stop I gain it all back and then some.At my recent dr app he said I have severe scarring on my liver so try and lose weight. I ask for a referral and he says no he doesn't agree with it. I do t know what else to do Does anyone know of a dr in the Halton/peel area that will refer me for surgery. Thank you

Melody P.
on 6/21/21 10:12 am - TX

I wish I had a name to give you but you definitely need a new doctor all together. Wishing you much luck on your journey!

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on 6/21/21 11:40 am

Thank you i made the switch this morning to a new Doctor but due to covid i cant be seen in person until next month but im hoping for the best.