This guy made m feel like a piece of garbage

on 6/21/21 5:42 am
RNY on 01/01/14

It wasn't even a guy I wanted 2 date .

. To me he wasn't attractive- he was old and way uglier than anyone I'd want or even possibly; drunk and stoned ) want 2 hav sex with.

Yet this is like the meanest boy I ever met .

You know - a couple of extra pounds in my middle does NOT make m an unattractive grrrl . In any way .

And PLEASE don't call m crazy for pointing this out .

on 6/21/21 6:49 pm

People can only upset you if you give them control over your emotions. It's completely up to you.

on 6/22/21 4:27 am, edited 6/21/21 9:40 pm
RNY on 01/01/14

Lol lol lol!!!

No he actually called m .... not that I?m interested anymore or in any way ... anyway lol

Its kind of obvious why dudes over history chose young .... you get someone starry eyed ( beautiful and super horny ) and too naive to appreciate your million easily seen deficiencies.

But do I DARE?

My heart was broken by a (impulsively chosen .... I admit it ) young one a few times ... and it was VERY hard 2 recover from that

on 7/8/21 6:06 am

Best to walk away with your head held high. You can't fix mean.

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