What has helped you most in maintaining your weight loss?

on 6/23/21 8:21 am

Trying to learn from those of you who are further down the road in your weight loss surgery journey...what have you found most helpful to you in maintaining your weight loss?

on 6/23/21 8:36 am

For me, it has been a combination of things. Mind over matter (staying focused on maintaining my goals), practicing portion control and discipline.

Citizen Kim
on 6/23/21 10:57 am - Castle Rock, CO

Mindfulness. I still come here pretty much every day for support and to pay it forward.

17 years next month and at the top end of a normal BMI. I have fallen off the wagon a time or two over the years, but have never let it get to the stage I can't knuckle down and shift the excess pounds.

I walk 4 miles every day thanks to my dog, take my vitamins EVERY day (no slacking there) and eat a healthy diet for the most part.

Proud Feminist, Atheist, LGBT friend, and Democratic Socialist

on 6/30/21 5:58 am

Thank you for paying it forward...

on 7/10/21 8:49 am - Exeter, RI

I just came back to this site after 17 years. It's so nice to see another long hauler. I too lost and gained but the tool never goes away.

Diabetes came back so I became OCD about controlling it. My A1C was 12 in January 2021. Today it is 6.4 and I have lost weight again. I now face another issue (hence why I am seeking help) with self identity. It didn't bother me the first time I lost weight but it is now. I have only known, in my mind, what it is like to be fat. I don't know how to accept that everything from my personal space to sitting on the toilet feels different. Not necessarily better, but unfamiliar and I'm not liking it. I am looking for anyone who can understand.

I have rambled but I just wanted to touch base which anyone who is this far out. Very nice to meet you.

on 7/31/21 7:42 am

Great observation. 18yrs out for me.
For me, it took a few years just to figure out
where to put my hands when standing at rest.
I had always rested them on my big belly.
Even with my arms down at my sides,
They they were held out from my sides
by my width.
After losing over half of my body weight,
I struggled to not feel awkward
when standing. Sounds silly,
but that small detail took quite a while
to stop noticing.

As for Keeping weight off for good,
I just started following my Dr.s' post-op regimen,
and it has kept me on track.
Proteins First, nearly no "White Carbs,"-
(White Bread, Rice, Potatoes, most Pasta, Sugar)
I have them in small portions
or I will have uncomfortable gas.
Some white carbs have specific results.
Potatoes put me to sleep
Literally as if I have been given a sedative.
Sugar gives me "dumping syndrome."
More than a large tablespoon
of something sweetened with sugar,
and I'm making several trips to the bathroom.
My body responds to Sugar
as if it were food poisoning.
This has made it very easy to avoid Sugar.
Chocolate loses it's appeal
when it is effectively "Ex-lax."
After only a handful of attempts
to eat sugared sweets,
and suffering it's effects,
I was no longer attracted to sweets.
I do use Stevia products as those with
Sugar Alcohols have the same laxative impact.

I've kept my weight off by listening to my body-
Starting to feel full? -Stop eating immediately.
I have thrown away "Half" of so many entrees.
Our natural tendency is to finish
what we've put on our plates,
even if it seems a small portion.
Yes, it's a waste of food and $
if I've ordered slightly too much food,
But Far, far cheaper than
fighting a battle with my weight.

Has worked for me.
Your Results May Vary.

Best Wishes-

on 6/24/21 5:27 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I'm six years out. I still track my food every day and weigh myself at least once a week (I weighed daily for the first five years, but the fluctuations were starting to get to me). I spent a month in India in 2019 and had no access to a scale, and of course my weight went up - so I know that I'm going to have to monitor myself closely for the rest of my life or it's going to start creeping up again. I also exercise about 5x a week (3-4 days of cardio, plus 2 days of weights).

on 6/30/21 5:59 am

Exercise is my downfall. I know I need to do more.

on 6/24/21 9:01 am
RNY on 01/01/14

Exercise exercise and more exercise.

The runners ( or swimmers ... or rollerbladers ) high REALLY helps me mentally to resist the temptation of excess food .

Trust m - you'll get 2 know that I'm one of least disciplined people on here ... but it still kind of works 8-9 years post op ?

And now everyone is going to get on my case 4 saying this - but I eat a very low fat high fiber and complex carbohydrate ( almost vegetarian) diet . Works for me but mebbe for no one else .
It gives me a lot of energy to burn .

on 6/26/21 5:15 am
RNY on 06/03/15

not everyone does low carb (most do, but not all). I don't count carbs anymore - but I do stick to the good ones (fruits, vegetables, whole grains). I just count overall calories and protein grams. My dietitian hates that I count calories (she's into intuitive eating and wants everyone to do that), but I just smile and nod and go ahead and do my own thing, since it's worked for me. We're all different, so whatever works for you...