Desperately Seeking A Surgeon in the D/FW area that accepts Amerigroup

on 7/2/21 5:31 am - Plano, Tx

I live in the Dallas!Ft. Worth area and I am having trouble finding a surgeon that accepts my insurance!

Can anyone help!!!

White Dove
on 7/4/21 3:54 am, edited 7/3/21 8:54 pm

Your health insurance card will have a phone number and a website where you can look for information on which surgeons are part of that plan. You can also send an email to ObesityHelp member services. Here is the Contact member services email page.

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Member Services
on 7/6/21 8:10 am - Irvine, CA

Thank you for being so helpful White Dove!

on 7/27/21 2:53 am
VSG on 01/28/16

If you can't find a doctor that takes your insurance or if your insurance doesn't cover bariatric surgery (i've never had insurance cover it), then consider going to mexico for surgery and financing it like I did. If you have questions, lmk. I went there twice for surgery - excellent staff and procedure.

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